With its latest iOS update, Tumblr now blocks hundreds of search terms


With its latest iOS update, Tumblr now blocks hundreds of search terms

With its latest update for iOS, Tumblr now rejects over 400 search terms, which may lead to potentially sensitive content. In its blog post, Tumblr said that it decided to introduce this change in an effort to meet Apple’s App Store requirements.

According to Tumblr, there are three main ways in which users may experience these changes while using the iOS version of the app. Through search, blog access, and the dashboard of the app.

While searching for a specific term, which may be connected to potentially sensitive content, the app may now list fewer results. In some cases, a search may not display any results. Instead, it will show a message that may say the content was hidden.

If you use the iOS Tumblr app to view a blog that has been marked as explicit content as a result of the changes, the app will display the same warning, stating that the content has been hidden.

Due to the new explicit content changes, iOS users may now see fewer suggested posts under the “things for you” and “following” areas of the dashboard part of the app.

Some of the blocked terms are “depression,” “bipolar,” and “insomnia.” These are terms that many may use as a way to find help. Tumblr understands the frustration that these new changes may create.

In its blog post, Tumblr said, “We understand that, for some of you, these changes may be very frustrating—we understand that frustration, and we are sorry for any disruption that these changes may cause.” In the future, according to the company, Tumblr will make significant changes to the way users can safely access sensitive content.

There is a list in the form of a Google Docs document where you can find the blocked terms by Tumblr. The new changes for the sensitive content are only present on the iOS version of the Tumblr app. If you use the Tumblr app on Android or visit the platform from a browser, the newly added changes won’t be present.

In 2018, the Tumblr app was removed from Apple’s App Store because it failed to prevent child pornography from being uploaded to the Tumblr platform. With its newly introduced changes, it looks like Tumblr is trying to prevent its removal from the App Store again.

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