Why the Bluetti’s new AC300 & AC200 MAX portable power stations


(Pocket-lint) – Power outages can be the worst when you’re not expecting them. Even when you are, candles and books only go so far. Sure, you can go out and buy a fossil-fueled generator to keep the power on, but that’s old dirty tech. There’s better out there. And few are as good as Bluetti’s power station.

Not only can you get a boost of clean power at home, but you can also take it along with you on camping trips or wherever you want to go and get a bit more power. Bluetti’s newest offerings take it to the next level too. So, what makes the AC300 and AC200 Max stand out from the rest?


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Bluetti has taken a different approach to its newest AC300 power station. It now reduces the power station’s capacity and focuses on creating a modular system by adding on battery modules. This allows you to combine it with a number of batteries and increase the capacity to new heights. The AC300 on its own has 3000W at 120V, so is a solid option for lightweight power work, and is great for its portability. It can even get a solid boost with its surge function at 240V delivering 6000W.

Charging the AC300 couldn’t be easier. You can connect it to the mains through an outlet, charge it through an EV charger, or use a solar panel. Through solar, it’ll take 2400W, and combined it’ll take an input of 5400W. If you have the AC300 and a single B300, then the charging time from a wall socket is only 1.5 hours. Solar is only slightly increased to 1.78 hours. But there’s even an option to use Bluetti’s Wind Turbines, which takes the renewable option a step further.

It’s not short of outputs either. With six 20A AC outputs, USB and USB-C options, a 30A output, and even RV and cigarette lighter outputs, you won’t be short of where to plug in your devices.

The AC300 with one B300 retails for $3699, but for its debut, you can get it for only $2899. An AC300 paired with two B300 battery modules starts at $3648 (compared to a full price of $4498, that’s a huge $850 off). So, the price of power freedom isn’t too bad, especially when you consider the possibilities and how much you’ll save in the long run.

Adding more with the B300 Battery Module

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The new battery module that the AC300 connects to is the B300, and each of these offers up a huge 3072W of power. Now, if you’re looking for the most available, then you won’t be disappointed. Each AC300 can support up to four B300 battery modules, taking the combined output to and 12300Wh of continuous electricity. But it gets better. You could use double this by adding on another AC300 and four more B300’s and connect it all using the Fusion Box Pro from Bluetti. That takes it up to a total of nearly 25000Wh – or enough to power an average home for days, or up to a week on emergency usage.

Probably the best part about it is the fact that it could actually be used as an alternative power source to the grid. If you connect enough solar panels to it, then it’ll provide the power you need for good. Granted, this depends on the size of your home, but the potential is fantastic.

Enhancer D050S

There’s another way to eek even more power out of the Bluetti AC300, and it’s called the Enhancer D050S. It’s been created to be a booster for the DC inputs for the Bluetti units. The D050S is also referred to as the Little Magic Box because it manages to give your Bluetti even more than what you thought possible.

The magic comes from the MPPT charge controller that has voltage regulators circuits. This allows older models of Bluetti batteries to get a new lease on life, expanding their capacity. And for newer models, you can increase the charging capacity via solar power by 500W. Not too shabby at all.


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The AC200 MAX takes all the good points of the AC200 P and gives them a boost. It’s a perfect addition to a camping trip or if you’re rocking the van life It might be a bit smaller than some other power stations, but when you need that little kick, it’s there for you. It’s got 2200W on offer, and will even surge up to 4800W on 240V, so no shortage there. The internal battery has a capacity of 2048Wh, but can be expanded a whole lot more with the B230 battery added on.

Combining it with the B230 Battery Module

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The new B230 battery is the perfect companion to the AC200 MAX. Each of these battery modules holds 2048Wh, which will double the AC200 MAX’s capacity. You can add up to to of these on the AC200 MAX to reach 6144Wh. However, the best way to increase the potential for the AC200 MAX is to forgo the B230 and to get a pair of B300 batteries. A couple of these will expand potential to a whopping 8192Wh.

Best of all, right now Bluetti is running a limited-time discount on the AC200 MAX, taking $300 off its pricing and bringing it down to just $1,799 – so jump on that while you can!

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