Watch drones fly out of a giant Amazon hover blimp


(Pocket-lint) – There is a video going around the web of a huge blimp-like hovercraft with an Amazon logo on it pushing out dozens of drones as if they were eggs. One Twitter user called it “borderline dystopian”, and we couldn’t agree more.

To be clear, it’s a fake viral video. But it’s not an April Fool’s joke. It was created by a production artist in Japan known on Twitter as zozi009. In a follow-up tweet, you can see the fake Amazon blimp and its drones were created with computer-generated imagery. It’s clear the artist imagined the blimp serving as a fulfillment center of sorts. It like a last-mile delivery concept on steroids.

Although it reminds us of another aircraft imagined by American defense contractor Lockheed Martin, this fake Amazon blimp could be based on an actual patent that Amazon was granted in 2016. It seems as though Amazon is exploring ways to deliver products to many people in a concentrated area, like at a stadium or in a city. But, as for as we can tell, Amazon hasn’t begin building anything.

The company is quite clearly still interested in drone delivery systems and various other last-mile delivery solutions, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to see it actually build something akin to this fake Amazon blimp. But let’s just hope Amazon doesn’t go down the wrong path with this technology. It’d be a shame if an Amazon blimp ended up being “what the last human alive” sees.

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