Wahoo refreshes Elemnt Bolt with colour display, on-device navi


(Pocket-lint) – The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt has something of a reputation in cycling circles, widely used and a popular choice of bike computer.

It has now been refreshed, addressing some of the limitations of the previous version to widen the functionality on offer over the 2017 model.

The sleek design remains. The Bolt was originally designed to be aerodynamic and light, and that still remains, as do the familiar buttons across the bottom of the display and the glanceable LEDs across the top.

There’s a 2.2-inch colour display with Gorilla Glass to keep it free of scratches, while an ambient light sensor will adjust the brightness to suit the conditions that you’re riding in. It is IPX7 protected, so it won’t matter when it gets rained on.

WahooWahoo Elemnt Bolt photo 2

Boosting the functionality, aside from the new colour display – and user interface enhancements to take advantage of colour – there’s now much better routing, previously only offered on the Elemnt Roam.

Smart Routing will adapt the route when you take a wrong turn (or find out it’s going through a private estate…), while you can also change your destination, retrace your route or return to the start – all on the Bolt.

There’s a jump to 16GB of storage on the device, while the battery is rated at 15 hours of use, which is a good day of riding for most people.

Everything interfaces with the Wahoo app on your phone, which also will let you customise your Bolt, and syncing with other services, such as Strava.

The new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is available now, costing £249.99.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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