Wahoo Kickr Direct Connect will hardwire your indoor trainer fo

(Pocket-lint) – Wahoo has announced a boring but important accessory: the Kickr Direct Connect.

If you’re the owner of the latest Wahoo Kickr you might have noticed that there’s a connection on the rear that you’ve not been able to use. It’s something we noted in our review of the Kickr V5 and it allows you to physically connect your Kickr to your router.

It’s as simple as it goes really, providing an Ethernet connection so that your smart trainer can access your network directly rather than having to usw Wi-Fi. As anyone who is into home entertainment knows, having a hardwired connection is always preferable than using the convenience of wireless, because you’re removing one of the potential points of failure.

With a growth in the number of people using virtual training applications like Trainer Road and Suf (Sufferfest), having a solid connection means you’re more likely to get accurate results – and in apps that are competitive, it means a playing field that’s rather more level.

There will be additional support for third-party options in the future, and according to Cycling Weekly, that includes Zwift, which it top of many people’s lists.

Beyond having a better connection, the Kickr DirCon will mean you can put your trainer in a garden office or basement without having to worry about securing a good Wi-Fi signal. That might see you using Powerline adapters or connecting to am Ethernet switch you have setup to power your computer or entertainment centre.

The new adapter only works with the latest version of the Kickr, it doesn’t support older models or the Core or Snap variants either.

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It is available now for £79.99.

Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Adrian Willings.

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