Vodafone’s Pro Broadband package brings Alexa


(Pocket-lint) – If Google’s Wi-Fi booster options have demonstrated one thing over the last few years, it’s that having a smart assistant baked into Wi-Fi booster units around your home can be a pretty smart idea, letting you use your smart home without needing two different space-age devices plugged in all over the shop.

Vodafone’s clearly been paying attention, too – it’s just launched a new Pro Broadband with Alexa package that throws in Amazon’s extremely capable voice assistant with a Wi-Fi extending satellite unit, to make sure those hard-to-reach extremes in your home not only get signal, but also Alexa.

The package also brings a hybrid 4G broadband backup system for when there are outages, along with Vodafone’s WiFi Xpert support to help fix any issues you might have and will set you back £38 each month.

The hardware itself is pretty swish-looking too, all black and with a natty gold Vodafone logo the only real hint as to who made it (alright, it’s a bit more than a hint). Having Alexa hand-in-hand with your Wi-Fi system is a pretty useful tool for families, too.

As Vodafone has pointed out, it makes it easy to ask for periods without Wi-Fi in case you’ve got kids struggling to focus on the tasks at hand, be they homework or actually eating some ruddy broccoli. If it works on that end, it could be a real winner.

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