Vinyl sales to overtake CDs for first time since 80s

(Pocket-lint) – The vinyl record resurgence continues apace with sales income of LPs expected to overtake CDs in the coming months.

CD sales have been in decline for the last decade, not least due to the rise of streaming services, including those offering CD-quality streams. Meanwhile, vinyl record sales have been on a significant rise in the same period.

Last year, the UK vinyl record industry raked in £86.5 million – its biggest amount since the 80s.

We reported in December that 4.8 million LPs were sold in the UK alone. It accounted for 18 per cent of all album sales across formats.

Studios made £118 million in CD sales in the country in 2020, but a graph published by The Guardian shows they won’t get anywhere near that in 2021.

Vinyl record collecting among younger consumers has been a major factor in its rise in popularity. And, most modern album releases are now available on vinyl from day one too.

However, rereleases of classic on thicker, more durable vinyl have accounted for the majority of sales – with Rumours by Fleetwood Mac in the number one spot for 2020, and Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? coming in at a very reasonable second.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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