VanMoof’s PowerBank accessory offers huge extra range


(Pocket-lint) – VanMoof makes a couple of the most pleasurable ebikes anywhere on the market when it comes to the quality of ride – its S3 and X3 are sumptuous to use, offering a host of smart features and an extremely smooth ride.

However, there’s not yet any such thing as a perfect ebike, and VanMoof’s been cooking up some improvements for its bikes. The first comes in the form of a brand new accessory – the PowerBank, a new external battery pack. It fits snugly into the frame of your VanMoof bike to add a decent whack of extra range depending on what level of assist you’re using.

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You’ll get an extra 45-100km in all, add 2.8kg of weight to your bike, and get a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to charging your bike, since the PowerBank is fully detachable and can be charged up indoors while you leave your bike outside. It’ll be able to charge the bike’s main battery whether you’re at a standstill or on the move, too. 

That doesn’t come too cheap, though – a PowerBank costs $348, €348 or £315 plus shipping if you’re not getting it at the same time as a bike. Still, the range offered by the X3 and S3 is already incredibly solid without one, so it’s hardly an additional cost that everyone will need to incur.

VanMoof’s also made some refinements to the bikes themselves, although nothing substantial enough to warrant a re-naming. They’re getting slighly clearer Matrix Displays to display speed and other info while you ride, redesigned fender flaps and pedals, plus better internal wiring. 

None of those extra touches will revolutionise the actual experience of using a VanMoof, but it sounds like it’ll further cement is as a thoroughly excellent choice in the competitive ebike market. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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