Urbanista Seoul earphones feature low-latency gaming mode


(Pocket-lint) – Urbanista has launched Seoul, a colourful range of in-ear headphones, featuring a distinctive low-latency gaming mode (just 70ms). That explains the Cyberpunk 2077-esque promotional photography then.

The true wireless headphones – which are available in black, blue, purple or white (Midnight Black, Electric Blue, Vivid Purple, Pearl White if you prefer the marketing) – deliver eight hours battery per charge, with the case adding an addition 24 hours on top (for 32 hours in total).

The case can be wirelessly charged using any Qi pad, otherwise it’s a case of plugging in via the provided USB-C cable instead.

To add to the gaming prowess there’s a noise cancelling microphone aboard (actually three per side, so six in total), to ensure clear voice transmission. The earphones themselves don’t offer active noise-cancelling (ANC), though, it’s just the microphone. But that’ll also be handy when calling upon Siri or Google Assistant.

A trio of Silicon GoFit tips are included for optimum fit, there’s IPX4 splash resistance, and touch controls feature to switch between the low-latency gaming mode and the music mode.

The Urbanista Seoul true wireless earphones are priced at £89,90/€89,90/$89,90 – making for an affordable wireless gaming option wherever you’re based around the globe. 

In addition, Urbanista also launched the Lisbon, a lighter-weight and more affordable (£49,90/€49,90/$49,90) true wireless in-ear offering.

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