Urbanista Miami Crystal Edition Headphones revealed


(Pocket-lint) – Limited edition products come in two camps: understated, yet distinctive, or bold and flashy. The Urbanista Miami Crystal Edition Headphones are without a doubt in the second camp.

Urbanista names their products after cities that inspire them. So to properly celebrate Miami, Urbanista decided that its understated Miami headphones needed a bit more flash, a bit more sparkle. They didn’t hold back in that department. Crystals don’t get much sparklier than Swarovski, and it’s a great name drop too, which doubles the draw of the limited edition headphones.


The basis for the limited edition Miami headphones remains the same. You get a solid 50 plus hours of playback time and active noise cancelling. They’re compatible with both iOS and Android, and you can get Google Assistant or Siri chiming in for your needs.

Bluetooth 5 and USB type-C charging connect you to power and sounds, and there’s that Ambient Sound Mode to help hear what’s going on around you while still enjoying your jams.

But let’s not forget about those Swarovski crystals.The limited-edition headphones come in either black or white, and for the number of crystals that adorn them, it’s actually not as kitsch or tacky as you might expect. You should expect a decent price hike, and you get one.

At £300 / $300 / €300 the Urbanista Miami Crystal Edition Headphones double the price of the standard model. But you pay for exclusivity and flash.

Writing by Claudio Rebuzzi.

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