The Best New Shows to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and More

Each week, every major streaming service offers fresh, new content to watch. And this week, in particular, there are plenty of great series returning for new seasons. From AppleTV+’s Servant to Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego, you can now watch new episodes of your favorite shows.

But there are also new series debuting, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) miniseries WandaVision and Amazon Prime Video’s Tandav. Plus, some long-running shows will see multiple seasons arrive for your bingeing pleasure, like Henry Danger on Netflix.

Bottom line: There’s so much from which to choose. If you’re looking for a great show to watch during downtime, whether you want to binge multiple episodes or even seasons at once or pick up where you left off with a returning series, we have you covered with this list of the best shows you can stream this week.

When you’re done here, check out the best new movies to stream this week, as well as the best shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.


Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix

Last Tango in Halifax

This highly-praised British comedy-drama is about a pair of widowers in their 70s who secretly had feelings for one another decades prior. They reconnect through Facebook, and their late-in-life romance begins. But while it should be smooth sailing, they still run into drama. It’s largely due to their two grown daughters who couldn’t be more different from one another and are dealing with their own issues. The fourth season of the story, which is loosely based on screenwriter Sally Wainwright’s own life and her mother’s second marriage, is now streaming.

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Carmen Sandiego on Netflix

Carmen Sandiego

Kids of the ’90s will recall the PBS kids game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Netflix brought back the Canadian-American treasure in 2019 in an animated series that is based on the original vigilante thief character, focusing on her backstory. Dubbed a modern-day Robin Hood, Sandiego travels around the world, stealing from an organization known as V.I.L.E. in order to give back to its victims. Season 4 begins streaming on January 13.

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Henry Danger on Netflix

Henry Danger

In this superhero sitcom, Henry is a 13-year-old boy from a town called Swellview who gets hired by the resident superhero Captain Man to work as his part-time sidekick, Kid Danger. But there’s a catch: He has to keep his superhero identity a secret. The idea is that Captain Man will need someone to take over once he can no longer do the job, and he believes Henry has what it takes. The series aired for five seasons on Nickelodeon, and the first three seasons will begin streaming on January 15.

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Abby Hatcher on Netflix

Abby Hatcher

Check out the first season of this Canadian CGI-animated kids’ series about the title character, a 7-year-old girl who befriends creatures called Fuzzlies that live in her family’s hotel. She joins them on their various misadventures, using her quick detective skills to help them solve mysteries. Any time her wrist-worn Fuzzly Spotter gadget rings, she knows a Fuzzly needs her help, and she comes to the rescue. There have been two seasons to date of the series, which originally debuted north of the border in December 2018. Season 1 is now available to stream.

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LA's Finest on Netflix

LA’s Finest

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union star in this short-lived television spinoff of the Bad Boys movie franchise about a pair of detectives from very different backgrounds who are partnered up on the force, much to their chagrin. Union’s character is the sister of Martin Lawrence’s character from the movies, Marcus Burnett, while Alba is a former career criminal. The series lasted two seasons before getting canceled in October 2020 following poor reviews. Critics aside, if you’re in the mood for an unconventional buddy-cop drama, the 13 episodes in season 1 that are streaming now might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Cobra Kai on Netflix

Cobra Kai

A perfect gift to ring in the new year, Netflix released the third season of this martial arts comedy-drama ahead of schedule. Based on the original Karate Kid movies from the ’80s, both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, respectively. Now grown men with children of their own, they can’t quite shake their rivalry.

While the series is filled with plenty of nostalgic throwbacks, making it appealing to older generations who grew up with the original, at its heart is a new cast of teenage characters, training with the Cobra Kai and the new Miyagi-do dojos. Plenty of original Karate Kid characters reprised their roles in the first two seasons, including Martin Kove’s John Kreese, with several more in season three (we won’t spoil it for you.) As long as you go in without the expectation of Emmy-winning acting or deep, thought-provoking storylines, the series combines just the right level of corniness with nostalgia, epic fight scenes, and teen angst to make you thoroughly addicted.

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Stargate SG-1 on Netflix

Stargate SG-1 (1997)

Sci-fi fans will revel in the news that this cult classic Canadian-American military sci-fi adventure series is finally coming to Netflix. Based on the 1994 film Stargate, the series picks up where the movie left off. When it’s discovered that an alien device called the Stargate can access various devices in space, the United States Air Force creates a special ops team, known as SG-1, to try and fend off attacks. Combining elements of both sci-fi and mythology, the series flew under the radar for so long, despite many pundits, including Rolling Stone magazine, calling it one of the best sci-fi series of all time. Stream all 10 seasons.

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One-Punch Man on Hulu

One-Punch Man

Now streaming is the dubbed second season of this Japanese anime series about a lethal superhero named Saitama who, as the series’ name implies, can take out any opponent with just a single punch. Being the best, however, can get pretty boring. So Saitama sets out on a journey to find a worthy opponent who can finally challenge him and his incredible strength. Will he ever meet his match?

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Everyone is Doing Great on Hulu

Everyone is Doing Great

Check out the inaugural season of this comedy that was created by James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti, both of One Tree Hill fame. Following a crowdfunded release of the first two episodes, Hulu picked up the show for the eight-episode first season. It follows the two men as actors who used to star in a hit TV series about vampires called Eternal. Now, five years after the show has ended, they are trying to figure out their lives and love while dealing with coming of age much later in life than usual. It begins streaming on January 13.

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Endlings on Hulu


The second season of this Canadian sci-fi series will premiere on January 15. Set 20 years in the future, four young children live on a farm with their foster father, but life is anything but simple when a spaceship crashes there and an extraterrestrial alien is found on the property. The kids begin to work with the alien, helping it save its endangered species. It’s a lovely story about acceptance and working together as the kids combine their unique talents to help, while the alien proves that it’s not an enemy.

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Noruto Naruto Next Generations on Hulu

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If you’re into Japanese manga and anime, this series is based on the popular spinoff to Naruto. It’s about Boruto, the son of Naruto Uzumaki, and his ninja team. The first season, dubbed in English, follows Boruto’s story prior to becoming a ninja and is now available for streaming.

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Letterkenny on Hulu


Hulu picked up exclusive streaming distribution rights for this hilarious Canadian sitcom about the residents of the fictional rural community of Letterkenny, loosely based on creator Jared Keeso’s own hometown of Listowel, Ontario. It’s rife with Canadian themes, from ice hockey to farmers known as “hicks,” drug addicts called “skids,” and local Mennonites and French-speaking Quebecois people. And the series aims to squash stereotypes of small-town folk possessing a lower level of intelligence, with quick-witted residents making use of sharp wordplay, puns, and educated world views. Originally starting as a YouTube web series, the sitcom has acquired a legion of fans across North America.

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Miracle Workers on HBO Max

Miracle Workers

The second season of this anthology comedy is now streaming. Each season is based on a different work by humorist Simon Rich, with season 1 based on What in God’s Name and season 2 on a short story called Revolution. With a cast headed up by Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, season 2 is set in the Dark Ages and follows the humorous story of Prince Chauncley (Radcliffe) and Eddie Shitshoveler (Buscemi). Season 2 also adds guest stars like Fred Armisen and Peter Serafinowicz.

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Search Party on HBO Max

Search Party

After a group of friends in New York City set on a journey to locate a missing woman, they end up in the midst of drama, both related and unrelated to the search. Each season takes the story further as new murders — and drama — emerge. Dubbed a satirical dark comedy thriller, the fourth season of the series, which originally debuted on TBS, will be available to stream starting January 14. Alia Shawkat stars as Dory, who lives an unfulfilled life until she decides to search for her old college friend, and John Reynolds as Drew, her sweet but sheltered boyfriend.

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Snowpiercer on HBO


Director Bong Joon-ho originally brought this concept to the big screen in 2013, based on the 1982 graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette. In May 2020, TNT re-imagined the post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller for the small screen, continuing the story of a group of passengers aboard a massive perpetually moving train housing the only survivors after Earth became a frozen human wasteland. Examining issues of class warfare, social injustice, and survival, the first season is now streaming in time to binge before season 2 is released on January 25, 2021.

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30 Coins on HBO Max
Manolo Pavon / HBO Europe

30 Coins

Combining mystery with fantasy, this mystery horror, delivered in Spanish language (original title 30 Monedas), will both terrify and mesmerize viewers. Padre Vergara, a former convict and exorcist, has been exiled from the church and sent to work as a priest in the remote town of Pedraza, Spain. But soon after his arrival, odd things begin to happen. We’re not talking about the usual creepy visions and apparitions: Think a cow giving birth to a human baby. A local veterinarian and the mayor suspect Vergara’s presence might have something to do with it, and the unlikely pair team up to dig into his past. What they find shocks the small-town residents to the core, including a global conspiracy and a cursed coin.

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The Alienist: Age of Darkness on HBO Max

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

Stream the second season of this TNT period drama based on the 1994 novel of the same name by Caleb Carr. It takes place in the mid-1890s and follows a team investigating a serial killer who takes great pleasure from murdering street children. Combining both historically accurate facts and characters with fiction, season 2 originally premiered on TNT in July 2020. At the center of the story is police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt, the alienist (i.e., psychiatrist) Laszlo Kreizler, New York Times cartoonist John Schuyler Moore, and the pair of NYPD detective sergeants. The second season garnered considerably better reviews than the first, with the performance by Dakota Fanning, in particular, being lauded.

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Batman: The Animated Series on HBO Max

Batman: The Animated Series

Several Batman-related pieces of content are available to stream on HBO Max, including Batman: The Animated Series. Featuring the popular DC Comics character, his sidekick Robin, rival Joker, and others, the superhero animated series originally aired for two seasons in the early ’90s. Its latter half was called The Adventures of Batman & Robin. Regardless of what it was called, this series spawned a whole new world of Batman merchandise and content, from movies to comic books and video games. Widely considered to be one of the best Batman adaptations, as well as one of the best animated TV series ever, it’s a huge get for HBO Max.

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The West Wing on HBO Max

The West Wing

Following its departure on Netflix, this long-running Aaron Sorkin serial political drama that originally aired from 1999 through to 2006 has found a new home on HBO Max. All seven seasons are available to stream so viewers can relive Martin Sheen’s portrayal of the fictional President Josiah Bartlet. The series features lots of additional A-list talent as supporting characters, many as members of Bartlet’s administration, including Rob Lowe, Dule Hill, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, and Moira Kelly. Widely considered to be one of the best TV series of all time, it’s worth binging for the first time over the holidays or watching again.

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Amazon Prime

Tandav on Amazon Prime


Pulling back the curtain on Indian politics, this drama/thriller is set in the capital city of New Delhi and looks at power and manipulation and how it plays into that political world. The first season, which will be available as of January 15, features an ensemble cast and nine episodes. While not much is yet known about the series, it is filmmaker Al Abbas Zafar’s first project to be made available in the digital domain. “As you watch,” he told The Hindu, “you’ll realize there is no right or wrong, there is no black or white; [the] world of power is about the world of grays.”

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Dexter on Showtime
Peter Iovino / Showtime


Watch all eight seasons of this thrilling Showtime series about a vigilante serial killer who has learned to control his dark urges by only killing criminals he has vetted and determined to be deserving of it. His moonlighting job is made easier given the access afforded to him by his day job as a blood-spatter analyst for the police department. Michael C. Hall is wonderfully convincing as the title character, a man struggling to interact with “normal” people during the day while constantly being consumed by his “dark passenger” and sociopathic lack of empathy or interest in mundane daily niceties.

Despite the lackluster ending that led to the upcoming limited series revival to give the show the ending it deserves, all eight seasons of Dexter are captivating and will keep you at the edge of your seat. Watch it again in preparation for the revival, or check it out for the first time before the 10-episode limited series premieres in late 2021.

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The Expanse on Amazon Prime

The Expanse

Catch up with the fifth season of this Amazon original sci-fi series as you prepare for the already-renewed sixth and final season to come. Humanity now exists in the Solar System, and a group of antiheroes finds themselves in the midst of a conspiracy. The show actually originally aired on Syfy, but after its cancellation in 2018, Amazon Prime Video swept in and released season 4, much to the joy of fans. Season 5 includes 10 episodes.

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Apple TV+

Servant on Apple TV+


Typical of M. Night Shyamalan’s body of work, this psychological horror series had viewers puzzled, shocked, and terrified through its first season. A woman hires a nanny to help care for her baby as she heads back to work, but it’s quickly revealed that there’s something off about the child: It’s just a lifelike doll. Following the arrival of a shy, young nanny who cares for the “baby” as though it were real, strange things keep happening. While season 1 ended in a shocking fashion, it will be interesting to see where the story goes in season 2, which will premiere on January 15. The series has already been renewed for a third season as well.

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Dickinson on Apple TV+


Check out the second season of this historical comedy-drama starring Hailee Steinfeld as a fictional version of the title character. With a third season already ordered as well, the coming-of-age series takes a humorous look into the world of a rebellious young teenage girl who despises societal conventions and traditional expectations about gender identity. All the while, she yearns to be a writer, constantly trying to keep up with her own vivid imagination.

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Earth at Night in Color on Apple TV+

Earth at Night in Color (2020)

Narrated by Tom Hiddleston, this natural history series makes good use of next-generation cameras to capture captivating images and footage of nocturnal animals. For the first time, you can see in vivid color and detail what these creatures get up to at night. The series was filmed across six continents, starting from the Arctic Circle and moving to the African grasslands, investigating the behavior of all kinds of animals, from lions and tigers to bears, oh my.

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Stillwater on Apple TV+

Stillwater (2020)

This might just become your new latest obsession to watch with the kids. The animated series, which is suitable for kids 7 and up, is about three siblings, Karl, Addy, and Michael, who live next door to a wise panda named Stillwater. Despite their differences, the kids learn a lot from Stillwater, who is able to regale them with stories that teach them new perspectives on life, love, and each other. It’s heartwarming and sweet, with a lesson in every episode that will teach kids to have faith in themselves, work harder, and be confident that they can achieve anything to which they set their minds.

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WandaVision on Disney+


The latest project set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprise their roles as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision, respectively, in this miniseries that is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Now that Thanos is no longer a threat, the pair are just your average couple living a boring suburban life in Westview while trying to conceal their powers from others. They enter different decades, deal with typical television tropes, and bring a new level of humor to the characters. The series marks the first project in the MCU’s Phase Four strategy, which will include a variety of movies and TV series released between 2021 and 2023. WandaVision will begin streaming with its first two episodes on January 15.

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Star Wars Forces of Destiny on Disney+

Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Lucasfilm Animation is behind this series of 2D shorts, which were initially released through Disney’s YouTube channel back in 2017. Now, the first four volumes are streaming on Disney+. Each two- to three-minute episode focuses on a specific female character from the Star Wars franchise and situations from their perspective. Popular characters featured through the episodes include Rey, Princess Leia Organa, Ahsoka Tano, Padme Amidala, and others.

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Earth to Ned on Disney+

Earth to Ned

Check out 10 new episodes of this PG-rated talk show hosted by aliens. The series, which is produced by The Jim Henson Company and Marwar Junction Productions, originally premiered with its first season in September 2020 and was met with positive reviews. The premise is that the host, Ned, was supposed to invade Earth, but he became obsessed with pop culture and decided to launch his own talk show instead. Together with his lieutenant Cornelius, he interviews celebrity guests in each half-hour episode. While there’s strong language and innuendo, it’s a show that parents can watch with older kids. Guests in season two include Ginnifer Goodwin, Aisha Tyler, Penn & Teller, Mayim Bialik, Molly Ringwald, and others.

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The Mandalorian on Disney+

The Mandalorian (2019)

The second season of this Star Wars franchise space Western commenced on October 30, 2020, and came to an end on December 18. Not surprisingly, season 3 is also already in the works. The series, which took home an impressive seven Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, is set five years after the events of 1983’s Return of the Jedi and follows the story of a bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) who is trying to locate someone known as “The Child,” now known as Grogu (and affectionately called “Baby Yoda”), followed by his adventures with the adorable creature. This will be one to savor since the third season won’t arrive until the end of 2021, though there are a few spinoffs in the works to whet your appetites while you anxiously await the next 12 months to come and go.

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