The best laptop bags 2021: Satchels and shoulder bags


(Pocket-lint) – Being able to work from home or at any other location is one of the main advantages to having a laptop — the portability of a MacBook, Chromebook, Windows laptop or whatever you’re using make it a great solution for eking out a bit of productivity away from the office.

That said, you probably don’t want to be just carting around an unprotected laptop as you make your way. You might be afraid of dropping it, or you might not want to flash the value of your possessions to anyone looking. 

We’ve already got a great list of the best backpacks for carrying tech around if you want the back support and room that a backpack brings with it, but perhaps you’re more into shoulder bags, satchels and more casual options. If so, we’ve compiled another great list just for you, showcasing some of the very best laptop bags around. 

Our guide to the best laptop bags to buy today


Eastpak Delegate


Eastpak has been doing bags so long that it’s pretty clear it knows a thing or two. The Delegate messenger bag is a classic, with a thick and strong strap that only get more comfortable on the shoulder the more you use it, and plenty of pockets for your bits and bobs. 

It’s also nicely padded to make sure that valuables like laptops aren’t bashed around too much while you go. Eastpak’s usual build quality is also present and correct, with durable zips and solid components meaning you won’t be worrying about replacing it any time soon.


Moshi Urbana Laptop Briefcase


Jumping into the world of bags that would be really suited to business surroundings from the boardroom to the office, this briefcase from Moshi is a really impressive number. It’ll easily fit up to 15-inch laptops, with loads of space to spare for your charger and other belongings. There are countless little pockets for safer storage, and cushioning throughout to make sure nothing gets bashed. 

It’s really well-made, and lets you detach various bits like the shoulder strap and cushioning according to your preferences, which we really like. Plus, solid weatherproofing means it’s also a practical choice. It’s stood up to our use really impressively, making it a great pick if you’re looking for a commuter or work bag, and it’s available in a range of colours to suit your style.

Mobile Edge

Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger


If you’re looking for a softer look than Eastpak’s bag, and are also keen to try to reduce your consumption of man-made materials, Mobile Edge’s ECO messenger could be a great option. Its all-cotton canvas is hardy, with plenty of pockets and smart dividers, including a small window for ID if you want to display it easily. 

There’s also a dedicated, specially-padded compartment to hold your computer, to give you the peace of mind you want as you move around.


Targus CityLite Pro Slim Briefcase


Looking at the more business-like end of the market, though, you might want something even slimmer, and more restrained in its looks. The CityLite Pro Lim from Targus is aptly named, with a super-think design that’s great in a professional context.

Whether you’re going to a meeting where you need your computer, or simply are enough of a digital native that you really only need your laptop in a bag to have a full mobile workstation ready, it’s a great shout for the moving worker. 


AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag


Amazon’s line of simple, effective products under the AmazonBasics header is one of its secret weapons — they almost always match the performance of much more expensive branded goods. This bag is no different. It’s not flashy at all, and there is a fair bit of Amazon branding on it, but if you’re okay with that you get a really great bag at a cut-price rate. 

Designed specifically for laptops means that it’s nicely padded, and you can also pick it up in a wide variety of sizes to make sure that it’s perfect for your particular needs. 


WaterField Executive Leather Messenger

The bags above differ a bit in design and price but are all pretty affordable options. For our last pick, we’ve gone to the very luxury end of the market, though, to give you a sense for what you could get. WaterField makes a range of beautifully designed leather and canvas bags in all shapes and sizes, but our favourite is this classy Executive Leather Messenger. 

Handmade from full-grain leather, it’s a look that can be dressed up or dressed down, making it a great bag for life, and there are myriad lovely design touches, from its unique clasp to the careful positioning of its handle. There are plenty of padded pockets inside it fo storing both your computer and any accessories, and it just oozes quality. Plus, you can choose between two sizes depending on how big your laptop is. 

Peak Design

Peak Design Everyday Messenger


Peak Design makes a range of great bags that are excellent if you need to pack in a big range of stuff when you’re on the go.

When it comes to laptops, we like the Everyday Messenger, which has sleeves internally to make storing a 13-inch laptop, tablet or documents really easy. It makes sorting out your bag super easy, which we always appreciate.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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