Star Trek Discovery season 4 will be shown outside US


(Pocket-lint) – There was uproar when Paramount pulled Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix in the UK and Europe. And, when it was revealed that season 4 wasn’t to appear outside the US until 2022, Twitter had a meltdown.

While US viewers would get to see it from its November release, everybody else would have to wait for it to appear on Paramount+ when that streaming service expands to other regions.

Thankfully, Paramount has now seen sense and made a deal with Pluto TV to show new episodes in the interim.

That means, fans in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom will be able to watch the new series of Star Trek: Discovery through the free Pluto TV app from 9pm Friday 26 November 2021. Additional episodes will drop each Friday then on.

Sadly, you’ll still have to wait until the launch of Paramount+ in those countries (as part of Sky TV in many of them) to catch up with previous seasons, but it’s still a nice gesture for the dedicated fanbase.

In addition, the date when episodes hit Paramount+ outside the US has been brought forward. All countries that can already access the service will also get new episodes from 26 November. A new member promotion is offering 50 per cent off to celebrate.

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