Sony Bravia Cam lets you control and video chat from your TV


(Pocket-lint) – Sony is at CES 2022 in Las Vegas unveiling the usual refreshes to its various product lineups. But, this year, it has something new up its sleeve: the Bravia Cam. It’s a video camera that will come bundled with its top-end TVs, such as the new QD-LED A95K. It’ll also be sold separately.

So, what’s the purpose of having a video camera for your TV? To make video calls, of course. Built for the pandemic age, the Bravia Cam will allow you to participate in meetings quite literally from the comfort of your couch. If that’s of little interest to you, then perhaps you might enjoy one of the Bravia Cam’s many other tricks. For instance, it will allow you to control 2022 Sony TVs with gestures.

Turn off your TV, pause your movie, turn up the volume all by closing your first or waving your hand about the room. Very Kinect-like, right?

Also, when your Bravia Cam is plugged in, you can set your Sony TV to display a proximity alert if it detects someone is too close to the screen. Tired of telling your kids to not sit so close to the TV? Well, now the entire screen will black out if they don’t move away. The camera also offers “viewing distance compensation” that adjusts the brightness and voice based on how far away you are from the TV.

Finally, your Bravia TV will dim if the Bravia Cam senses you’ve left the room.

At first, the Bravia Cam will only be available to use for video chatting, but Sony said a firmware update will add all the other features. 

You can physically turn off the camera and its built-in mic. Sony said the mic is not always listening, and no private data is stored on the camera, the TV, or Sony’s servers. You can even clear the camera’s data via your TV’s settings.

The Sony Bravia Cam will be bundled with select models of Bravia TV, including the new Z9K Mini LED and A95K QD-OLED sets. It’ll be available separately for the A90K, A80K, X95K, X90K, X85K, and X980K Series TVs. Pricing will be announced closer to its release later in 2022.

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