Sony announces surprise Xperia product launch


(Pocket-lint) – Sony Mobile has announced an event for later this month but has given few details on what to expect.

It took to Twitter to announce the virtual presentation, which will take place at 12am JST on Tuesday 26 October 2021 (that’s 4am BST, 11pm EDT).

It’ll be streamed on YouTube, with Sony encouraging potential users to subscribe to its channel.

Some are predicting the new product will be a phone, but we’re not so sure. Some have even mentioned a Sony Xperia 1 IV. However, considering the Xperia 1 III was only released in August, we find that hard to believe.

We wouldn’t be surprised, therefore, if Sony was moving back into the tablet market.

Nokia has recently made the same move, claiming that the demand for tablets has greatly improved in recent times, not least due to the pandemic and global lockdowns.

And, considering how long it takes to implement a new product line, including remodelling factory lines, we wouldn’t be surprised if several manufacturers are only now able to capitalise on the trend.

We’ll find out for sure later this month.

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