Select Samsung phones get five years of security updates, but there’s a catch


Samsung 5 years software updates

Samsung has just announced that select enterprise editions of some of its most popular devices will be receiving five years of security updates. This will match Samsung’s update policy with Apple’s in terms of security updates, but sadly most regular users won’t be able to benefit from the scheme.

Regular Galaxy smartphones will continue to receive updates for up to four years. High-end models will get monthly updates, whereas old flagships and mid-range devices receive quarterly updates. Last, but not least, devices that are near or past two years will start receiving updates less frequently.

What’s the difference between an enterprise Galaxy and a regular one? Simple, the enterprise counterparts are designed with businesses in mind and can be remotely configured by the IT team of the specific business. Only specific apps and software approved by the organization can be installed on the device, which is increasing the overall security of the devices and helps fight malware and thwarts off malicious attacks by wrongdoers.

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