Realme is working on its own MagSafe charging tech called MagDa

(Pocket-lint) – Realme is planning to release a phone in the near future which uses a wireless charging technology very similar to the MagSafe tech Apple uses in its iPhone 12 series. 

Like the iPhone, that means you’ll have a charging disc that magnetically snaps on to the back of the phone and delivers the charge to refill the battery. 

Realme’s phone will be the first Android phone on the market to make use of this type of magnetic charging device. 

Of course, it’s not going to be called MagSafe. Instead, it’ll be known as MagDart and – according to leaks from GizmoChina – the charging puck will look very similar to Apple’s. 

The difference isn’t immediately obvious, but it is expected to be slimmer than Apple’s, and is claimed to deliver 15W charging speeds. 

There’s also a second, larger cuboid charging base but not much is known about that. However, it does seem to feature a vent – likely to help keep the internals cool – which suggests much faster charging capabilities. It also has a Type-C port for plugging it to a power source. 

The one thing that’s missing from this revelation is which phone is going to be the device to feature the MagDart feature. Realme hasn’t confirmed any details officially. 

We often see Android manufacturers adapting features made popular by Apple with its iPhone range, so it’s not surprising that we’re going to see a MagSafe-like tech on an Android phone, but it may be surprising that Realme is likely to be the first to feature it. 

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