PS Plus weekend – you can play multiplayer online games free


(Pocket-lint) – Sony has unveiled a nice little holiday-season bonus for gamers who don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription, in the form of a weekend of free multiplayer gaming this coming weekend, on the 18 and 19 of December.

While the weekend won’t mean you get free access to any games you don’t own, it will let you get going with any multiplayer portions you haven’t so far been able to get into, by giving you a couple of days of PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation’s own marketing around the event features Call of Duty: Vanguard and FIFA 22 among others, but the reality is that you could use the access on whatever title you like, so long as it has multiplayer on offer.

Sony will presumably be hoping that plenty of people try the service out and are convinced enough to keep it with a paid-for plan once the weekend ends. That would also, of course, see them gain access to the monthly free games that PlayStation metes out, and the various extra discounts and in-game bonuses that PlayStation Plus also affords you.

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