Pixel 5a to feature Snapdragon 765 processor


(Pocket-lint) – Google has already confirmed the existence of the Pixel 5a and is expected to announce it at some point in the next few months, possibly at its virtual I/O event next month. 

Its existence as a future product isn’t in doubt, but there are several unknowns about this next phone from Google. One new snippet of information has been revealed thanks to code in the latest Android Developer Preview. 

In it, the product is revealed to feature the same Snapdragon 765G processor as the Pixel 5. 

The information was found in the code by 9to5Google, which reveals the phone’s code-name ‘Barbet’ along with the code ‘sm7250’ which is the part number of the Snapdragon 765G platform.

Given that this information was found in code developed and released by Google itself there’s very little doubt that this will – in fact – be the processor inside the more affordable version of the Pixel 5.

That does beg the question: what will make the phone more affordable?

The first obvious answer is the build materials. Pixel 5 has a coated metal rear, while the Pixel 4a is made from plastic, so it seems likely the 5a will also be made from plastic.

Given Google’s historical insistence on using great primary cameras across the board, it would be surprising if it didn’t also feature the same camera as the Pixel 5. If not, it would be a downgrade from the 4a.

Still, it likely won’t be long until we know all the details of the next Pixel.  Google I/O 2021 kicks off on 18 May, meaning there are only a few weeks until any new developments and products are made real. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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