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(Pocket-lint) – Sony’s not afraid of change when it comes to the controllers it sends out alongside each iteration of its famous PlayStation consoles – from the original DualShock and its three follow-ups all the way through to the amazing new DualSense, the PS5 controller. 

Consoles only ever come with one controller, though, outside of a few bundles, so most people will soon find that they need a second pad for coop gaming or playing against their mates on the sofa. That, or you might have worn out your current controller, or fancy a few extra benefits like customisation and even extra buttons. If you’re hunting for a new pad to go with your PS5 or PS4, we’ve gathered some of the best available right here.

Do note for now, though, that only the DualSense works with PS5 games on the new console at present, until Sony opens up the ecosystem and allows new pads to hit the market. 

Our pick of the best PS4 or PS5 controller

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Sony DualSense


The latest in Sony’s long line of great controllers is perhaps its best ever, and it makes loads of sense to get a second DualSense to go with your PS5. 

The controller has upgraded haptic feedback and triggers to make for enhanced immersion as you play, plus an on-board microphone for more ways to interact with games and your friends. It’s also got an eye-catching color scheme. Be warned though – it won’t work on your PS4!

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Razer Raiju Ultimate


If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 for now, and want to give yourself a leg up on the competition in online games or get more options for solo adventures, the Razer Raiju Ultimate is your best bet, a supreme wireless pad. 

It’s a serious chunk more expensive, but it’s aimed at serious gamers, with four extra programmable buttons to give you easier fine control as you game, and buttons and triggers that simply feel better to use than Sony’s own stuff. It’s also nice and chunky, making it really comfortable compared to the DualShock 4. Being able to swap out the thumbsticks and D-Pad easily according to your taste is an added bonus. 

This is an enthusiast’s controller, but we’ve enjoyed our time using it so much that going back to a regular DualShock 4 would feel like a wrench. However, be warned that the Raiju will only work with PS4 games on the PS5. 

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Sony DualShock 4


If you’re still on PS4 but don’t want to spend too much, there’s nothing quite like the old classic of the DualShock 4 – it’s an absolutely superb gamepad, and for our money the best official pad Sony had made when it released. 

It’s got great thumbsticks and the obvious benefits of wirelessness and seamless connections to your console. However, it should be noted that it’ll only work with the PS5 in a limited way – when you’re playing backward-compatible PS4 games on the new console, to be specific. That means it’s hardly the most future-proof investment right now. 

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Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro


Nacon’s got a real contender for your PS4 against the Razer pad we’ve featured above in the form of the excellent Revolution Unlimited. It’s a great wireless pad that brings a lot of the customization you might be seeking, including weights to change its overall heft!

There are extra buttons where your fingers grip, interchangeable thumbsticks, and even more besides, and one key change in the asymmetry of the thumbstick layout, more like an Xbox pad. If that’s something you want, this is a great option for hands used to Microsoft’s layout. Similarly, though, it’ll only have limited compatibility with the PS5 for now.

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PowerA Fusion Pro


Although, like all the other third party options, this will only work for PS4 games on the PS5, it’s the closest we’ve tried in shape and size to the DualSense. 

You get extra paddle buttons on the back, and can choose how many to keep attached easily, as well as trigger stops that are really nice and tactile, plus easier-to-click buttons. It’s a really comfortable pad, too, and connects easily via Bluetooth. If full PS5 compatibility were unlocked, this would be even more of a stormer. 

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Scuf Impact

When it comes to true customization, though, we’re not sure anything can hold a candle to Scuf’s controllers for PS4, which let you choose practically every element that goes into them. That means thumbsticks, colors, textures, D-Pads, back-paddles, and more. 

To be honest, that’s also what holds it back slightly. It can be slightly overwhelming to consider, and you’ll also find the cost of the pad going up quite steeply the more you add bells and whistles. Still, you’ll get a pro-level controller at the end of the process. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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