Peloton is expected to launch a heart rate armband to help trac


(Pocket-lint) – Peloton could be looking at expanding its accessories with a heart rate sensor strap that can be worn on the arm, and connecting to Peloton devices via Bluetooth or ANT+.

The information has been uncovered within the app that runs on Apple devices, suggesting that it’s something that Peloton is working on.

The strap will likely be an optical heart rate sensor, much like the type offered by the Polar Verity Sense, allowing users to keep track of those essential stats easily, so they can gauge intensity during Peloton workouts.

Peloton already has a chest strap of its own and Peloton bikes work with a range of existing third-party heart rate sensors, using Bluetooth or ANT+. That includes the Apple Watch, which can be used as a heart rate monitor, but also Garmin watches, many of which can transmit heart rate to third party devices too.

It’s said that Peloton’s device will have a small display, but it’s not clear what additional functions the heart rate monitor will offer and whether you’ll be able to use it with other devices, for example your Garmin bike computer or your iPhone when out running.

There’s no telling when Peloton might make the announcement, but this type of sensor is likely to be more popular that chest straps, which some people can find uncomfortable.


Writing by Chris Hall.

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