Omron Complete can read your ECG alongside blood pressure


(Pocket-lint) – Healthcare firm Omron has announced a 2-in-1 home device for simultaneous electrocardiogram and blood pressure monitoring.

The Omrom Complete is designed to help detect atrial fibrillation – rapid or irregular heart rates. This kind of arrhythmia is the most common cause of a stroke, so regular checks at home for those most at risk can pre-empt any later issues.

It combines with an iPhone or Android device running the dedicated Omrom Connect app to track measurements and even securly share them with a doctor.

“We developed Complete to make identifying the leading cause of strokes more accessible and routine,” Omron’s marketing director, Lucía Prada.

“AFib can show no symptoms and may not be present during doctors’ visits because the episodes come and go, which means it’s often left undiagnosed. That is why we saw the need to get ECGs into the home, where regular readings can be taken by at-risk patients and shared with GPs to increase these odds alongside their usual blood pressure readings, without any additional inconvenience.”

The device comprises an arm cuff for blood pressure monitoring, for electrode sensors (two top, two on the sides) to take ECG readings from your fingers and thumbs, and a smartphone dock. It pairs with your handset through Bluetooth.

The Omron Complete system is available now, priced at £199.

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