Never lose your Apple TV remote again with this Elago AirTag ca


(Pocket-lint) – If you’re often losing your Apple TV remote then check out this new Elago case that enables you to attach an AirTag tracker to it.

OK, so the Apple TV‌ ‌Siri‌ Remote R5 Case turns Apple’s good-looking latest-gen remote into somewhat of an ugly clicker, but this is a case of function over style. 

Elago does some really useful accessories and so it’s not surprising to see this useful case appear, too. 


It’s black silicon, but the benefit of this is that all buttons remain both protected and able to be used. Such remote cases are also really good for kids 

Commentators – including ourselves – were a little surprised that Apple hadn’t included Find My functionality into the new 2021 remote out-of-the-box but as always such features add cost. Check out out Apple TV 4K 2021 review. 

This silicon case is relatively cheap and – predictably for that money – doesn’t include the AirTag you’ll need to make it useful. 

Check out the latest AirTag prices below.


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