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(Pocket-lint) – People that look for online information and personal data of any specific person find the lookup services very beneficial. TruthFinder is a reverse lookup application that provides you data about any person when you enter his name and phone number in the search engine. The searches are as simple as a google search where you add some names, and google shows you matching results.

TruthFinder reveals the information of people when the user adds any name, phone number, email address, or home address. The revealed data and information through name, phone number, and other entries have a wide spectrum. It includes the complete identity, date of birth, traffic records, criminal history, educational backgrounds, and social media accounts of the target.

TruthFinder is an online application that provides in-depth information through multiple databases and public search engines. This TruthFinder review would explain to you how much does TruthFinder cost and how TruthFinder performs all the functions rightly.

As you lead to understanding more about the functions and operations of Truthfinder, you need to come across 4 of these best free lookup services in the market:

Part 1: TruthFinder – Legit, Free and Safe Tool

This part would clearly define the answers to questions like “Is TruthFinder legitimate” and “Is TruthFinder safe” to search people with TruthFinder. We will acknowledge the direct and truthful review of TruthFinder.

1.1 Is TruthFinder Legit

The answer to this question is yes! The app is truly legal and provides concise instructions to its users about the legal usage of provided data. It has strict policies for the user interface and does not allow them to obtain any illegal or personal data. Moreover, TruthFinder informs the users of pointers present in Company policy, about how not to use the information.

1.2 Is TruthFinder Free

The service of TruthFinder is not free of cost and has 3 subscription plans for its customers. The application requires you to purchase its subscription before finding someone through TruthFinder. It has 3 packages with different costs depending on the time of subscription. The pricing plans of the software can be found from the interface.

1.3 Is TruthFinder Safe

The software is indeed safe, implies it does not let any target know that he is being investigated through his social platforms. The software maintains the anonymity of users of TruthFinder. It is easy-to-use and secure. The application is interlinked with different search engines, and hence, it never intimates the target about using their private data.

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Part 2: How does TruthFinder reveal the information?

TruthFinder has multiple sources by which it provides relevant data of the target. It has different options on the dashboard that helps the user to search his person.

The people search option requires entering the name and state of the target person. After this, the software finds out the targeted person’s identity, age, date of birth, and social media accounts. The information also includes some background history and a criminal record of the target.

The reverse phone lookup service of this app requires the phone number of any specific person and informs his alternative phone numbers and email addresses. The revealed data includes the target’s felonies, court proceedings, criminal records, and assault cases.

If the target has any business registered on his phone number, it will also be revealed. The target’s marriages, divorces, and registration on dating websites can also be accessed.

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The mail search lookup of software demands the email address of any person and returns the details of the person behind emails. This aspect helps people to find out about fake people or businesses. You can easily find out who owns the specific email address with accuracy.

The revealed information includes the information connected to their emails, such as social media profiles and dark web uploaded content.

TruthFinder Official Website:

Upright points of TruthFinder Service

1. The people’s search is very easy to perform once you have submitted the payment. It shows and accesses relevant records with no time.

2. One can perform unlimited background checks on his directed person without any risk of identity reveal.

3. TruthFinder provides a greater level of detail for a certain type of information. For example, birthdays are revealed with their accurate date, day, and name.

4. It has different ways to provide data for one target person. This can be done by using the home address of the target and his number or name through White pages, also known as a phonebook.

Detriments of TruthFinder

1. The application takes too long to respond and continuously shows warnings and permissions while searching for details.

2. The background checks or any other service are not free of cost and demands monthly subscriptions.

Part 3: What makes the Application Legit?

Besides performing many searches on a specific person and revealing a wide spectrum of personal data, the application has many legitimate points. This review would enlighten them below.

The software shows valid and accurate results. For example, if anyone has queried about the arrest history of the target. It would not make-up any history about arrest and warrants to show it to the user. In inference, the application only shows the accurate history and identity details of the target.

The software is used by big departments or investigators for catching criminals and fake business organizations. As the application is interlinked with various search engines, it finds out the crime record of any person and his registrations on the national database as a criminal.

TruthFinder only accesses the personal information of the target from his social media profiles, and the rest of the criminal data is found through international records. This implies; the app does not exhibit private data, and hence, it is legal to use. There is no implied restriction from the government to the company.

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How does the TruthFinder software go wrong?

The application has some downside reviews from users. We have determined some of them, and the most common complaint is stated below:

The app demands a subscription before any search can be done. It does not offer any demo before the subscription. You have to select the subscription plan and then enter the name or phone number of the target in order to carry the search.

Part 4: How Much Does TruthFinder Cost?

TruthFinder’s cost to people depends on the subscription plan they select. If you make an advance payment, then you will be granted a discount.

Although it costs $28 for a one-month subscription, if the user makes an advance payment, then he has to pay only $23 per month. One can perform unlimited reverse phone lookup checks and background checks on the target person.

Part 5: The Substitutes to TruthFinder

If you don’t find TruthFinder proper and significant, you can check the following list of lookup services that are alternates of TruthFinder.


The TruthFinder reviews has concluded truthful abilities and minus points of application. The application supports different kinds of searches through the target’s name, phone number, email address, and home address. This aspect supports many beneficial uses for the user. For example, he can use the email address lookup service to find out the scam emails and people behind any blackmailing or threat.

If you want to confirm your doubt, you can use the reverse phone lookup service to find the complete data of the target and his criminal records. The application has some legitimate points discussed, such as the convenient interface that does not confuse common people. The application has a downside review regarding its mandatory subscription and continuous updates.

One can find someone by just entering his name on the search bar, and the results will be shown. The review is quite helpful for people interested to know about the website.

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