iPhone 13 series battery capacity and battery leaks


We’ve also heard reports that all iPhone 13 models may be getting thicker by 0.26mm, possibly also to accommodate a larger battery. That and the new A15 Bionic chip’s potentially more energy-efficient design suggests that the iPhone 13 models should have better battery life over last year’s iPhones.

How much battery will the iPhone 13 have?

We’ve heard several iPhone 13 battery rumors suggesting that the mAh (milliampere-hour) of the phones will be increased. Most recently leaker L0vetodream has brought to our attention a Weibo post – supposedly from popular leaker Digital chat station – which has revealed the battery capacities of the next iPhones.

Based on that leak, we expect that the iPhone 13 battery capacities in mAh are as follows:

Does this mean we needn’t worry about iPhone 13 battery drain?

So far, all of the info we have on the upcoming iPhone 13 models suggests that they’ll have improved battery life. Whether or not those phones will have any battery drain issues is yet to be tested.

Does the iPhone 13 have reverse wireless charging? 

The iPhone 13 may offer reverse wireless charging, per a report that says the new phones will be equipped with a larger wireless charging coil. Larger coils will supposedly be better at heat management and they could also offer a higher wattage. This is being seen as a sign that Apple will enable reverse wireless charging on the iPhone 13. The feature will allow the phones to charge other products and accessories like the AirPods and Apple Watch.

Will iPhone 13 have MagSafe?

The iPhone 13 is rumored to come with an upgraded version of MagSafe. The new devices are expected to have stronger MagSafe magnets. That’s probably because some users have complained that the current system is not strong enough to hold accessories like wireless chargers and card wallets securely. In fact, it’s being speculated that one of the reasons that Apple will be using bigger wireless charging coils for the upcoming phones is to ensure they work properly with the bigger magnets. 

What charger will the iPhone 13 use?

Stay tuned to PhoneArena.com for our iPhone 13 series hands-on reviews. When the phones are released, we’ll test the batteries of all iPhone 13 models thoroughly and report on any potential battery drain issues.

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