Huawei continues its fitness push with Watch GT 3


(Pocket-lint) – Along with the Huawei Nova 9 and a rather snazzy looking pair of headphones, the manufacturer has also announced a new series of smartwatch-style fitness trackers. 

The Huawei Watch GT 3 picks up from where it left off with the GT 2 Pro from 2020 and adds some features we saw launched in the Watch 3 series earlier in the year. 

There are two models of Watch GT 3, with both featuring fully round screens, stainless steel cases and ceramic undersides. They also both feature the same two-button setup which includes the rotating crown and a second ‘back’ button. 

It’s in sizing and style where the two watches differ. The larger of the two features a 46mm case, a completely flat screen with an angled index around the display and is the more powerful of the two. 

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The smaller 42mm model is more elegant in approach and features a rounded glass lens that curves down to the edges similar to the standard Watch 3. 

Both are designed to be lightweight and sleek, with the larger measuring just 11mm thin and the smaller at 10.2mm, and both watches weighing under 45g without a strap (42.6g and 35g respectively). 

It’s in fitness tracking performance that these two watches seek to lead the market though, and that capability is powered by Huawei’s new TruSeen 5.0+ sensor on the bottom of the watch. 

This sensor features double the number of light signal receivers of the last version, and that means it can more accurately detect your heart rate and spO2. In fact, Huawei says it’s accurate to within 5bpm even with high intensity workouts, sprinting and swimming. 

That’s joined by a dual band, five system GPS to offer the same high precision location tracking we saw in the Watch 3 Pro. If it’s anything like that in real workout tracking, it’ll be very good. 

Compared to the GT 2 Pro from 2020, Huawei says location accuracy has been improved 50 per cent, and that also means the initial time it takes to lock on to your position at the start of a workout is much quicker too. 

What’s more, if you get lost while you’re out hiking or trail running, you can enable a route back navigation feature that takes you back to your starting point. 

As with previous models there are over 100 workout modes to select, ranging from the usual running and cycling through to more obscure activites like skateboarding and various forms of dancing. 

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That said, Huawei is really pushing into the running capabilities for 2021, improving on an area where it is already a strong performer. 

With the new watches and Huawei Health it will start tracking your historical, personal performance and can then use that data to build you a personalised running plan. 

Whether you want to get faster 5K or 10K times, it’ll build a plan that’s bespoke to you, and can even adapt it in real-time as you do the training sessions, evaluating your performance and condition constantly througout the course. 

Huawei Health will also give you condition updates as well as measure your VO2 Max, aerobic and anaerobic training effect and the recovery time required between sessions. There’s also something called a Running Ability Index, which shows you how you’re improving at running. 

This joins the usual all-day fitness and activity tracking, and is added to this year by a more holistic ‘Healthy Living Shamrock’. This takes the place of rings and focuses not just on how active you are, but how rested and how hydrated you are. 

Of course, you still get stress monitoring, sleep tracking, SpO2 detection and even an abnormal HR alert if your heart beat is irregular. There’s also menstrual cycle tracking. 

For outdoor users you get accurate sunset/sunrise times, tide tracking, moon phase and bad weather alerts. 

That’s all in addition to the usual smartwatch stuff like Bluetooth calling, notifications on your wrist and apps on the watch, including offline music. 

Battery life is always a big focus for Huawei in its modern watches, and the Watch GT 3 is no different.

The larger 46mm model can go up to 14 days in standard smartwatch mode, or up to eight days with really heavy usage. The smaller 42mm model can go seven days in standard smartwatch mode or four days with heavy usage. 

The 42mm and 46mm Huawei Watch GT 3 will be available to buy with multiple colour and material bands to help individualise your style. They’re released on 10 November, with prices starting from £209 or £229 depending on which size model you opt for.  

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