HTC reports another decent month of revenue gains


HTC reports another decent month of revenue gains

Although HTC recently reported another quarterly loss, profitability is improving. At the same time, revenue growth is close to turning green and the latest monthly numbers show that the third quarter is off to a good start.

HTC’s revenue so far in 2021 is virtually unchanged versus 2020

The Taiwanese brand generated NT$ 374 million in July, up an impressive 31.63% year-on-year. Compared to June, revenue is down 43.71%, but July is a historically weak month for the company so that’s not too surprising.On average, revenue for 2021 is currently 2% lower than 2020 levels. If the brand can continue posting strong results in the second half of 2021, revenue growth could be back in the green soon.

Once again, HTC chose not to detail the performance of individual products, but its recently launched VR headsets are likely the main source of income. It does also offer a few budget 5G phones in countries like Russia, as well as its home market of Taiwan, which may have contributed to the total. Still, HTC hasn’t released any new phones since March.

Moving forward, the company is expected to release some new 5G smartphones. Back in April it teased multiple 5G devices which are yet to hit shelves, so the releases shouldn’t be too far away.

The brand may also return to the Android tablet market. A recent leak pointed to a budget HTC tablet with uninspiring specs and $200 price point. It’s unclear where the tablet will be commercialized.

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