How to watch HBO Max shows inside Snapchat with your friends fo

(Pocket-lint) – Warner Media and Snap have teamed up to add full-length episodes of HBO Max shows to the Snapchat mobile app. The effort, called HBO Max Minis, will allow you to stream select episodes of top series with up to 63 other Snapchatters. Here’s everything you need to know, including how to do it.

What are HBO Max Minis in Snapchat?

HBO Max Minis are part of Snapchat Minis, which launched in 2020 as a way for Snap to offer third-party app experiences within Snapchat. Snap actually refers to Minis as “bite-sized utilities”. You can use them to purchase tickets via Atom, meditate via Headspace, and even register to vote in the US.

And now, with HBO Max Minis, you can stream entire episodes of more than a dozen series from the streaming service for free, including pilots.

How to watch HBO shows in Snapchat

You can launch the HBO Max Mini experience through the rocket icon that appears within Chat or through Search. Once HBO Max Mini is launched inside the Snapchat app, you will need to verify your date of birth. (You are required to enter your birthdate in order to access age-appropriate content.)

Which HBO Max shows can you watch in Snapchat?

HBO Max Mini will offer top HBO titles, including new releases like the rebooted Gossip Girl, old favourites like Game of Thrones, as well as pilot episodes of other hit shows on the HBO Max streaming service. The full list of HBO Max shows with episodes available to stream in Snapchat is as follows:


Can you stream the shows with friends?

Perhaps the best part about the HBO Max Mini experience is that it offers synchronised playback, so everyone watching a show can stream the same title together. Up to 64 users can join an HBO Max Mini session by sending an in-chat message with a link to join the Snap Mini or by sending a clickable sticker link using Snapchat’s camera. Once streaming a title, anyone will be able to co-watch, chat, and send Bitmoji reactions in real-time.

Is it free to watch HBO Max in Snapchat?

Yes. But, according to HBO Max’s owner, Warner Media, the idea behind HBO Max Minis is to encourage users to subscribe. The experience will present the option to go to HBO Max after an episode wraps so they can continue watching the series. (This will be shown to users 18 and up, the company said.)

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