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Every social media site has a way to share other members’ memes, photos, and more — except for Instagram. You can tag people in the comments so they can see a post that someone else shared, but there isn’t a way to share the post on your own feed so that everyone can see it. Even though Instagram doesn’t provide a tool in the app to share posts, you can still do it. There are two main methods: Using a dedicated reposting app or taking a screenshot and sharing that on Instagram as you would any other image.

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Use a reposting app

App stores abhor vacuums. If there is a niche to be filled, some app developer will try to fill it. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are several apps available that allow users to repost content on Instagram, such as Repost for Instagram and Insta Repost. These apps tend to be free — with ads — and are pretty straightforward. Here’s how the process works with Repost for Instagram, but other apps will be similar.

Step 1

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Repost for Instagram, first launch Instagram. Find a post you want to repost and tap the three-dots button in upper-right corner.

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Step 2

Tap the button labeled Copy Link.

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Step 3

Now, open up Repost for Instagram on your phone and you should see the latest Instagram post you copied in the above step.

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Step 4

When you’re ready to repost the image, tap on it, adjust the variables to where you want them, and tap the repost button. Boom. You’re finished!

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Keep in mind that you can use Instagram’s Save Post option to keep an eye on posts you want to repost. To do this, hit the flag symbol underneath the image’s right, and follow the prompts to make a place to put the post. To look at your saved posts, navigate to your profile, then click Menu > Saved. You’ll see your saved posts categorized into small folders.

Take a screenshot and post it

Reposting apps are wonderful if you’ll use them often, but they can be more trouble than they’re worth. Not only can these apps access your phone’s files, but they clutter your screen and take up a lot of memory. If you don’t want to use an app to repost, you can still share a post by screenshotting, cropping, and sharing it. It’s a little less graceful than using a reposting app, but the final result is identical.

Taking screenshots varies based on platform, but don’t worry—we have articles on how to take a screenshot on an iPhone and an Android phone. After you’ve taken and edited your screenshot, simply upload it to Instagram like you would with any other photo or video. Just be sure to ask the original poster for permission or give them credit in your caption.

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