How to make an invoice

(Pocket-lint) – It is a desperate need of the hour to be good at managing the finances of a business. To do so, most of the entrepreneurs have incorporated invoicing software that saves time and handles transactions like a pro. It also lets them focus on other important issues of the business.

This article covers how to make an invoice, how to send one, and how to select the best invoicing software. Stay with us as we introduce you to WeInvoice and its irresistible features.

What is an invoice?

Before going any forward, it is important to understand what an invoice is. Basically, an invoice is a legal document that is issued from a seller and sent to the buyer. The file constitutes the list of goods and services with total cost payable by the buyer within the due date.

Being an integral part of a business, an invoice serves an important purpose. It binds both the parties, thus fulfilling the legal aspect of a business. Other than this, it sets the record straight and is utilized for bookkeeping. An invoice also plays a worthy role in marketing one’s services and advertising the company. Moreover, the yearly tax record is also supported by invoices.

How to create an invoice in minutes with WeInvoice?

Section 2 of this article reflects upon steps to create an invoice using WeInvoice in minutes. But, first, let us introduce you to this amazing software and its features.

What is WeInvoice

WeInvoice is a renowned invoicing software in the market that has the privilege of being accepted and acknowledged by top media outlets like Tech Advisor, Windows Central, iMore, and Mac World. WeInvoice allows the user to witness a smooth business workflow while making the process of payment quick and effective.

WeInvoice, with its professional invoice template and wide range of formats, has let the entrepreneurs worry less about creating and sending invoices, especially to recurrent clients.

WeInvoice key features

Before jumping to the steps of making an invoice, it is mandatory to have detailed knowledge of what WeInvoice brings to the table. The section covers the features of this invoicing software.

  • Payment Notification and Due Alerts

The clients are notified through a customized alert to remind them of a due payment. Moreover, one can create a due date while issuing an invoice through WeInvoice. It becomes quite awkward to make the clients payable for the services; therefore, a customized alert sends the message without hurting the connection between the parties.

  • Recurring Invoice and Multi-Language System

WeInvoice permits the user to send recurring invoices monthly, quarterly, and yearly thus saving time. Along with this, one can have the invoice created in five different languages that develop transparency and understanding between the parties. The languages include Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English.

  • Accessible and Real-Time Tracking

With an accessible smartphone web application, WeInvoice acts like your accountant on the go anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the sender can track the invoice and record all incoming and outgoing transactions like a pro. The tracking of the invoice even informs the user if the client has received the invoice.

With an international business, currencies differ to a larger extent. It is important to have the invoice in that certain currency to establish a connection with the client. Then comes WeInvoice that brings options of multi-currency to be selected from the invoice template. After the currency is selected, all the financials are converted into it and make the process effortless.

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How to write an invoice with WeInvoice

The next genuine concern is how to write an invoice using WeInvoice. The section will show you an easy and workable method to do so. Follow the procedure below vividly.

Step 1: Launch the official website of WeInvoice on your browser and proceed towards selecting the option of ‘Create My Invoice Now’ on the homepage. 

Step 2: A blank template opens up on a new screen. The user has an option to select a specific type of template from the drop-down menu on the top of the template. They can also manage all the key fields mentioned in the template.

Step 3: After setting up an appropriate color for the template and having it completely prepared, the user can save or share it across emails. A PDF copy of the invoice can also be downloaded, and its URL can be shared with the customer.

Why is WeInvoice the best invoicing software?

Now that you know how to make an invoice let us bring you the reasons for WeInvoice being considered the best invoicing software of the lot.

  • Free Professional Invoice Templates

WeInvoice lets the user have a grip on professional invoice templates that are in a wide range based on the industry. Moreover, you can have the template in any format of your choice from a list of choices such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Word, and PDF. This web application gives you a free trial for the first three invoices as well.

  • Storing and Managing Invoices

The application has unlimited storage for saving invoices and lets you manage them in one quick second. One can see how much of the payment is due and how much has been paid. All the invoices are saved in cloud-based storage. This benefit lets users access them from anywhere in the world on laptops, smartphones, or desktop systems.

  • Handling Contacts and Organizations

This fascinating invoicing software brings an unlimited number of contacts to be added and lets the user play and search any organization from the search bar. The user can access them by typing the name of contact and organization and issue the invoice in seconds. This makes it the best web application as handling a wide range of contacts is not always an easy task.

  • Speedy Payments and Time-Saving

WeInvoice lets the user witness quick payments using an automated system in a negligible amount of time. It is most beneficial when the invoices have to be sent to recurring clients. The automated system also works like a charm for IT-based firms that are charged monthly based on the service package they use.

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How to send an invoice

By far, we have provided you with ways to create an invoice and why WeInvoice is the best web application in the market. In this section, we shall give you an answer to how to send an invoice in an easy way.

The most flawless way to send an invoice is via email. The user can attach an un-editable PDF format of the invoice and send it. However, it is important to give a clear and detailed description of the invoice in the subject line as well as the body of the email. You might want to ask your client the content of the subject line in a way it will be received by them effectively, and then you can be paid in earnest.

After the email is sent, you can contact them to confirm if the invoice has been received. It clears any misconception from both sides. Moreover, these invoices can be sent with just a mere click of a button. You might want to go that way.

Paper invoice vs. digital invoice

The comparison between Paper Invoices and Digital Invoices is often discussed in detail, and people often get confused. You do not need to worry now as we are here to let you know the best between both of them.

The paper invoices have a good chance of getting lost in the email, and there is no way to track them. In case of any mishap, the transactional invoice ceases to have any record. In the case of a digital invoice, one can back it up, track it, and know when the client has received it.

The paper invoices are expensive as they add up printing charges, toner costs, paper price, and printer maintenance. These prices are not demanded from the client in the invoice, so why ever spent a penny on them. The digital invoices let you send invoices like a pro in seconds without any cost.

As far as security is concerned, digital invoices do not leave any stones unturned to ensure a safe payment transaction. A paper invoice is 10 times more likely to undergo fraud. Therefore, digital invoices are always a better idea.

The digital invoice is amended and updated in real-time, which means that both parties agree on the invoice before it is paid. This enhances the accuracy of the invoice.

The digital online invoices give you an extravagant variety of invoice templates and allow you to give any color and layout to them. Paper invoices, on the other hand, are boring and refuse to give a personal touch to the invoice.

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How to select good invoicing software

This section will cover the concepts that need to be taken into account to choose good invoicing software. The choice is entirely based on the prerequisites of the business. For now, let us give you a few of the points that you can consider before selecting the one.

It is important to first go through the features and benefits of using the software. However, the one with more features will also be expensive. Therefore, the user has to pick the software that meets his needs easily.

Whatever invoicing web application you go for, it is important to prioritize data security and protection at all costs. This has to be a feature you should not be compromising on because invoicing software has all the access to your client details and payment methods.

  • Automated Invoicing System

Most invoicing software has an automated system of sending recurring invoices (monthly or yearly) and payment alerts. You have to make sure you have it so that your ultimate focus is on business growth instead of sending repetitive invoices.

The pricing rate of invoicing software has to be kept in mind as well. Most applications have picked up certain strategies that revolve around usage. You need to reflect on the scale of your business and pick up the software that lets you make unlimited invoices and contacts.

The invoicing software should smoothen your business flow instead of making it a burden. Therefore, the choice has to be based on software that considers your needs and works according to your business niche.


A good business is one that has flawless payment transactions and lets the user focus on the business. An invoicing software takes hold of all the transactions and acts as a professional accountant in the process. The article covered the procedure to create invoices using WeInvoice, tips to choose a good invoicing software, and a comparison between paper and digital invoices. It also proves WeInvoice as the best web application in the invoicing business.

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