How to download videos from your favourite sites with SnapDownl

(Pocket-lint) – There might seem to be internet access everywhere you go, but sometimes you just don’t have access to YouTube and all you want to do is watch something from your favourite channels. This is where SnapDownloader comes into play.

It’s a video downloader that works on both Windows and Mac and allows you to download from over 900 websites. These include YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Vimeo, and a whole host of others.

Even if you have a mobile service, videos absolutely drain your data. If you know what you want to watch on your commute, then you download your videos before and watch them in your own time. SnapDownloader allows full-res downloads up to 8K, but also any other quality you’re after.

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Download videos from your favourite platforms

Downloading videos from your favourite sites can’t really get much easier than with SnapDownloader. All you need is the link to the site and it finds the video for you. It allows you to decide which format you’d like as well as the resolution of the video. And if you know exactly which format you want, then the One-Click Mode saves that for you so all you need is to paste a link and it’ll download to your preferences. 

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Convert to other formats

When downloading, you can choose which format you’d like to download as MP4, AAC, AVI, or whatever else you like. But this doesn’t mean it’s fixed in that format. Because SnapDownloader also provides a converter to change your videos into other formats. It’s a two-in-one app then, allowing you to download videos into any format, and also convert videos, even if they’re not previously downloaded from SnapDownloder.

It’s really great if you’re a video creator who uses many sources for your videos. You can easily download from whichever site you like, convert the videos into the same format, and insert them into your video. The built-in trimmer can help with that. You can choose which part of the downloaded video you want to keep and use only that. And when downloading from YouTube you can even choose to download specific chapters from videos, saving you time and effort from choosing what you need out of the whole video.

When you’re editing videos, sometimes that little audio clip is all you need, and SnapDownloader will let you download the video as audio.

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Schedule downloads

Download speed is precious, and SnapDownloader knows this. It doesn’t cap your speed, giving you the full capacity of your broadband to quickly get the videos you need. And if you’re planning on downloading loads at once, you have options of when you want t and how. You can download videos simultaneously, do bulk downloads, or queue downloads. If you need your full broadband speed and can’t waste anything on downloading right now, then just queue the download for another time. Perfect.

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Download files with metadata

To make sure you have all the information embedded in your video, SnapDowbloader lets you download with all the metadata included in the files. You also have the option to save YouTube subtitles, in case you forget your headphones or need the captions included. Perhaps best of all is you can add your proxy credentials to get around geo-restrictions, so even if a video isn’t available in your country, you’ll be able to download it.

Not to be without help, SnapDownloader has 24/7 customer support, in case you ever need assistance at the worst time. There are multiple purchasing options too, with monthly, yearly, and even lifetime choices. And not a single one of those comes with a single ad, and is 100% safe. Head over to SnapDownloader to learn more.

Full list of features

  • Download from 900 websites
  • Up to 8K resolution supported
  • Save time with One-Click Mode
  • Cross-platform support
  • In-built video trimmer
  • Convert videos to audio
  • YouTube playlists and channels
  • Save YouTube subtitles
  • Convert to 7 output formats
  • In-built YouTube search
  • Download YouTube chapters
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Bulk downloads
  • High-speed download
  • Schedule downloads
  • Queue downloads
  • Download files with metadata
  • Download notifications
  • Proxy setup
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Dark mode
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% safe with no ads

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