Here’s when we’ll get a new iPad Pro, iM


(Pocket-lint) – Apple has confirmed an event for 20 April, where it’s expected we will see a new iPad Pro, AirTags trackers and probably a redesigned iMac. 

We usually have some kind of Apple event or launch in March but this time mid April will see the dawn of a few new Apple devices. The tagline for the event is ‘Spring Loaded’ – which doesn’t give a great deal away.

Nevertheless, the Tile-like AirTags trackers which have been long-awaited are finally expected to debut. Hopefully.

We’re also expecting a revised iPad Pro with new internals (an A14X chipset and possible MiniLED display) plus a redesigned iMac based on Apple’s Apple Silicon M1 chip (although we’re not sure if that’ll appear now or later in the year).

There may also be a new iPad mini, too, using the newer-style power button Touch ID system we saw in the recent iPad Air. There should also be new MacBook Pros this year, but these are unlikely to debut yet. 

In recent years Apple’s Spring launch activity has comprised an education-themed event for a new iPad in a school or, as a couple of years ago, just sent out press releases rather than having a full-on event for the 2019 iPad Air and current iPad mini (although it did have an event for TV+ and Apple Arcade around then).

Last year it just sent out press releases for new products as the pandemic took hold, such as the current iPad Pro. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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