Gridserve Electric Highway promises 350kW charging hubs across


(Pocket-lint) – Gridserve recently took over Electric Highway from Ecotricity, promising an injection of investment to make the UK’s motorway charging service worthy of its prime locations.

With official confirmation that the name is now Gridserve Electric Highway, there’s more news on exactly what we’re going to be getting – and it’s good news.

Gridserve will be creating 50 Electric Hubs, consisting of between 6 and 12 350kW chargers, across the UK. The first of these has been installed in Rugby Services, with 12 350kW chargers sitting alongside the bank of 12 Tesla Superchargers on the site.

By the end of 2021, Gridserve aims to have Electric Hubs installed at 10 more locations and is starting with Reading (east and west services), Thurrock, Exeter and Cornwall Services.

With that sort of scaling up across the country, it’s going to keep a lot of people moving as they turn to electric cars over combustion.

Since taking over the network, Gridserve has replaced old chargers with 60kW+ chargers at over 50 locations – with new chargers offering the advantage of contactless payments at the charger, as well as offering dual charging rather than just a single connection.

The creation of these new Electric Hubs will mean that EV drivers will have great peace of mind that when then arrive at services, they’ll be able to charge their car as quickly as possible and get on their way.

That’s in stark contrast to the situation under Ecotricity where some sites were offering 7kW chargers which were badly outdated.

Gridserve is also aiming to build charging forecourts across the country, so that ultimately there will be a services across the UK where anyone is within reach of good charging services.

Look out for the new chargers as they are popping up across sites all over the UK already.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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