Google One may soon include a discounted Google Play Pass bundl


(Pocket-lint) – Your Google One subscription may be about to get even better with the addition of a discounted bundle with Google Play Pass.

Google One usually gives you extra storage for apps like Google Drive and Google Photos. While subscribing to Google One also has added benefits such as direct access to Google support, VPN protection, return credit on Google Store purchases and more besides. 

In the future, the Google One subscription may include even more. 9 to 5 Google reports that during an APK analysis it has discovered hints that you’ll be able to add a Google Play Pass bundle to your subscription. 

Play Pass gives users access to premium apps and games. It unlocks otherwise paid-for content and ensures they’re ad-free and also have no extra hidden purchases. Play Pass normally costs $4.99/$4.99 a month and can be shared with family members but this new bundle may make it more affordable. 

The data seems to suggest that the bundle will offer users a percentage-based discount on the combined plans. The pricing is also set to start at $1.99/£1.99 a month including 100GB of storage with the option to upgrade to 200GB or 2TB plans. 

It’s not clear when this bundle will release just yet, but it’s nice to see Google striving to improve its offering. 

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