Garmin Vivomove Sport mixes classic watch & fitness tracking


(Pocket-lint) – The Vivomove Sport, revealed at CES 2022, represents Garmin’s return to the more traditional watch with added fitness features – as the last release in this series was the Vivomove HR, all the way back in 2017.

The Vivomove Sport is described as a “hybrid smartwatch”, as it features classic watch features, principally real ticking watch hands – which can move to reveal an otherwise hidden touchscreen display, hence the hybrid product stance.

Featuring a silicone band with colour-coordinated watch dial – there are three colours to choose from – the Vivomove Sport’s case features metallic accents to highlight that classic look in a contemporary fashion.

When not being used as a classic watch to simply tell the time, the Vivomove Sport offers blood oxygen readout, 24/7 heart-rate, stress tracking, sleep monitoring, and more besides. The onboard BodyBattery feature uses this suite of sensors to help assess your body’s current energy level, based on your input and output.

As the ‘Sport’ part of this Vivomove’s name suggests, there are also specific sports-tracking features, which use connected GPS – i.e. it’s not built-in, you’ll need an external device for this, such as your phone – for yoga, strength, Pilates, cardio, treadmill, cycling and other activities.

The watch is said to last for five days with all these features active, or stick to watch mode only (i.e. with the touchscreen off) and you’ll get six days of use per charge. 

The Garmin Vivomove Sport is available now, priced at £159. That’s less than the older Vivomove product, which is a good sign, so long as you can accept the lack of built-in GPS here as the tradeoff for such an affordable price point.


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