G-Shock GMW Titanium Virtual Warriors is Halo-esque and hardcor


(Pocket-lint) – Casio has unveiled a limited edition G-Shock that’s inspired by the sort of power suits worn in sci-fi videogames.

The G-Shock GMW-B5000TVA-1 Titanium Virtual Warriors edition comes in a full metal case and has cut away elements that show through the red internals as an extra flourish.

The case, bezel and band are made from lightweight but strong titanium, with laser engraved details for an industrial, futuristic feel.

It is covered with a diamond-like carbon coating on the case and band for extra protection, while the retro-style display exhibits a geometric pattern printed onto the glass. This replaces the usual brick pattern found on similarly-styled G-Shocks.

In terms of specifications, the watch comes with solar charging, with the battery claimed to last up to 10 months on a single charge. Continually top that up through exposure to the sun and it’ll last a lot longer.

There is Bluetooth connectivity, to hook it up to a smartphone. This way, it’ll switch time zones automatically whenever you travel.

You also get Multi Band 6 radio control for accurate timekeeping wherever you are.

It is water resistant down to 200-metres and weighs 106g.

The G-Shock GMW Titanium Virtual Warriors limited edition is available now and priced at £1,480.

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