Foxconn gives away bonuses as it tries to hike supplies of 5G iPhone 12 series phones


So how do you make sure that there will be enough supply to cover the lofty demand for the remaining three iPhone 12 series models? Simple, you build more units. To make sure that it has the manpower to do this, Apple’s go-to assembler, Foxconn, is offering a one time bonus of $1,158 to assembly line workers who meet certain conditions. If you are planning to buy, or have already purchased an iPhone 12 series handset, you should look at the MagSafe accessories that we consider the best for you to spend your money on.
The South China Morning Post reports that the bonuses will be dispersed to new workers toiling at the factory in Zhenghzhou who work for 90 days and remain on duty for 55 days. The amount of the bonus has been rising since the end of March when it came to $544.11. In April, the bonus amount rose to $932.76 midway through the month, and eventually hit $1,010.49 before reaching the current amount.

In a statement released today, Foxconn said, “As a matter of company policy and commercial sensitivity, we do not comment on any aspect of our specific operations or any work for any customer.” The Zhengzhou facility employs as many as 250,000 workers and the bonuses as seen as an indication that the contract manufacturer is hiking iPhone production prior to the release of the 2021 iPhone 13 models during the fourth calendar quarter of this year.

As the calendar gets closer to the release date for the new iPhone models, Foxconn increases the size of the bonus even more. Last year, when some models of the new iPhone 12 line were first released on October 13th, during August and September the bonus amount was just shy of $1,400. The conditions (90 days of work, on duty for 55 days) were the same as they are now.

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