Finally, Google Search now has a Dark theme on the web


(Pocket-lint) – At long last, Dark theme for Google Search is finally here on the web without any extra extensions, invitations or awkward workarounds.

Official confirmation of a dark mode for the world’s most popular web browser first spurred up in 2019, but any implementations were limited to either Android users, Google app users, or random lucky ones who received a prompt on their search page asking if they’d like to enable an experimental version of Dark theme. Not that there seems to be much to have to test when it comes to changing the background colour of a webpage, but Google has spent literal years painstakingly belabouring the process of releasing a more eye-appealing dark mode on the web, to all. 

The hassle looks like it’s finally coming to an end, with a new post on Google’s support blog by a verified Google Employee Hung F., the “Product Support Manager” notified users that “Dark theme is now available for all Google Search on desktop”. 

How do I enable Dark theme on Google?

To enable Dark theme, just tap the gear icon that appears in the top right corner of the display after you make a search. At the bottom of that menu, you should see a toggle for “Dark theme: off”. Just give this a quick tap and you should see your webpage change instantly. 

Alternatively, you can try looking through Settings, finding Search Settings, then tapping Appearances before toggling the search theme to “Dark”

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