EPOS’ new H3 headset promises great audio at a decent price


(Pocket-lint) – EPOS has started making an interesting place for itself in the gaming headset market after breaking out a little from its parent brand Sennheiser – it’s producing solid headsets at good prices.

After offering some of the first true wireless gaming earbuds recently, in the form of the GTW 270 Hybrid, and we’ve enjoyed using them, so its new H3 headset is certainly an enticing idea.

The headset is wired, which means that it’ll work with anything packing a headphone jack – useful for those with more than one console to consider. It’s mid-sized and should be comfortable to wear, which is backed up by other EPOS headsets we’ve tried out.

There’s a black or white colour to choose according to your taste, and the microphone’s arm can flick back out of your way to mute it when you don’t need it. There’s also a volume dial integrated into one of the earcups, like EPOS’ other headphones have sported.

Since it’s aimed squarely at the mid-range, there’s no noise cancellation here, despite the importance of that feature being something EPOS stressed to us in an interview earlier this year. 

The H3 costs $119 or £109 and is available as of now, and it must be said that the white colourway looks like a particularly nice fit with the aesthetics of a PS5. We’ll be getting our hands on one very soon to put it through its paces.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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