Deezer says you can now download music on its Apple Watch app –


(Pocket-lint) – Deezer has announced offline support for its Apple Watch app – something not possible in many rival Apple Watch apps such as Spotify’s. You can, of course, download music to Apple Watch with Apple Music. 

You can download music straight to Apple Watch using Deezer by adding a playlist or remove playlists that you no longer want to hear. Any playlists can be used; an existing editorial playlist, a personalised playlist you’ve created from tracks you’ve searched for or one you’ve favourite. 

You can easily shuffle the music you’ve downloaded and you can check the remaining storage capacity (usually out of 32GB if you have Watch 5 or 6) in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

Family members can download playlists and favourites from their own individual profiles.

“When we updated our new Apple Watch app we wanted our users to have an effortless and hassle-free experience. Downloadable playlists give music fans the peace of mind to listen at will and enjoy with the convenience of Apple Watch from the wrist,” said Nicolas Pinoteau, head of partnerships at Deezer.

Deezer also announced today that it’s offering four months of free Deezer HiFi to Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series owners as part of Samsung Boost which basically gives you access to various third-party services. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.

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