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(Pocket-lint) – A good pair of headphones is an absolute must-have in the modern world, and wireless pairs, in particular, are a must for travel and work. However, you may have developed the impression that you can only get a quality pair of cans by paying a huge amount.

That’s largely true when it comes to the big brand names, but there are smaller options that offer amazing quality at way lower prices – take OneOdio, for example. Its A70 headphones are a marvel, and we’ve gathered five reasons you should think about picking them up, right here.


Great sound

We’ll start with the most important point when it comes to a good pair of headphones – the sound! OneOdio’s A70 headphones sound like a way pricier pair of headphones, that’s for sure, thanks to impressive 40mm drivers that are nicely tuned.

You’ll get great bass for powerful songs but also impressive delicacy, making them solid not just for pumped-up tunes but also for more laid-back genres like folk. The key is how adaptable they are to your chosen genres.

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Super comfortable

Another key factor where headphones are concerned is comfort – it doesn’t matter how good they sound if you don’t want to actually wear them for more than a song or two. OneOdio designed its earcups entirely around comfort and ergonomics, so they feel great to wear.

You get memory-protein pads that shape themselves around your head and disperse heat to make sure you don’t feel hot while you wear the A70s, and the soft leather headband keeps the top of your head pillowed as well.

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Folding design

Part of the clever design of the whole headphone is that OneOdio knows people want to be able to store them without needing loads of space. That’s why the A70s feature hinged areas to let you fold them away into a much smaller form factor.

This is key for travelling as well as just leaving them around your home, letting you get a smaller bundle to throw in your bag or a carrying case.

Incredible battery life

Wireless connectivity makes the A70s extremely useful (although you can also plug them in for wired playback, so it’s really up to your preferences). They’ve got really solid Bluetooth to let you hold a connection even up to 20 feet away.

Best of all, though, they boast a ridiculously impressive 50-hour battery life, which is more than double what a lot of far bigger brands can manage in their flagship headphones. This means you can use them for days at a time before you ever need to think about recharging them.

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Superb value

Finally, though, we come to a huge factor for anyone looking for new headphones – the actual price. This is another area where OneOdio outstrips so many of its competitors, offering the features that we’ve laid out above at a price that is hard to believe.

It means that you can get a high-quality pair of headphones for a price that wouldn’t even get you halfway to what bigger brands are demanding, so there’s every reason to pick one up if you’re working with a smaller budget. You can pick them up for a discounted price on the OneOdio website and Amazon right now, down from an already stellar regular price of £58.00, so make sure to grab yourself a pair while the offer lasts!


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