Best cheap fitness trackers in 2021


(Pocket-lint) – Having one of the best cheap fitness trackers on your wrist can help you log your steps, workouts, and sleep automatically – and all without shelling out huge amounts of money.

Thankfully, what was once an area populated by expensive devices has now been counterbalanced by more reasonably priced picks, making it easier than ever to get started with fitness tracking and achieving your goals. 

Most of these activity bands aren’t as feature-packed as smartwatches, but they do offer a great entry into the world of wearables and can add value to your life no matter what level you’re at.

To help you figure out which is the right pick, we’ve detailed some of the best in the business – let’s explore further.

Best cheap fitness trackers available today

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Fitbit Inspire 2


Fitbit’s second go-around on the Inspire line sticks to the same blueprint, refining the screen, offering more advanced heart rate metrics and doubling the battery life from five days to 10.

As ever with Fitbit, though, it’s the app experience that helps its hardware to excel – and that’s great news for those who particularly want to delve into fitness, health and sleep metrics on their phone.

There’s absolutely more advanced watches and trackers to explore for the money, but this is comfortably the most polished fitness tracker – and it looks it, too.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Xiaomi hasn’t reinvented the wheel with the latest iteration of its Mi Band, but it’s still a worthwhile upgrade thanks to the improved, 1.56-inch AMOLED display. 

In fact, in our view, it’s the best pound-for-pound fitness tracker we’ve tested. The value for money isn’t quite what it was with older generations, but there are now some premium features to take advantage of, including blood oxygen monitoring.

Elsewhere, the activity and sleep tracking experience from older generations remains in place – and that’s no bad thing. Built-in modes exist for 30 workout types, waterproofing is available up to five metres and battery life is 14 days.

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Huawei Band 3 Pro


If you’re hunting for a tracker that packs in as many features as possible while still remaining affordable, the Huawei Band 3 Pro is an excellent consideration.

The experience isn’t as clean or reliable as a Fitbit might be, but it’s also much cheaper and with the key inclusion of GPS for accurate location and distance tracking.

It needs a little bit more refinement to be truly outstanding, but those who want something that’s comfortable to wear during exercise or sleep will find it with the 3 Pro.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5


Xiaomi’s fifth iteration of the Mi Band is smart, powerful, and, simply, still one of the top value for money trackers you can buy.

The full-colour AMOLED touch display lets you view incoming calls, texts, app notifications, and music, with a 3-axis accelerometer and waterproofing (up to 5ATM) allowing you to track a wide range of exercises in rain or shine.

Despite the new and improved heart rate monitor also keeping an eye on workouts and sleep, the Mi Band still manages a very impressive 14 days, too.

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Fitbit Inspire


Fitbit’s original Inspire may have been superseded by a newer model, but this is still an excellent device – now at a more affordable price, too.

You get all the usual Fitbit trademarks with this tracker – solid build quality, discreet design, and, of course, access to the excellent Fitbit app, where all your data is held and displayed.

The sleep tracking functionality is best-in-class (particularly if you pay a bit extra for the Inspire HR model), with workouts and daily activity also available to be synced and viewed at any time. 

Battery life is a very solid five days, as well, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the experience before throwing it back onto the charger. 

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Letsfit fitness tracker


If you want the look of a smartwatch but don’t necessarily need the extensive features one provides, Letsfit’s tracker is a great pick to consider.

The 1.3-inch screen allows you to view your workout and sleep data more readily than on a traditional tracker, with support also present for music control, stress training, and notifications.

With up to 10 days of battery, as well as the ability to sync and store your data in the intuitive VeryFitPro companion app, this rounds out as an affordable and feature-packed experience.

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Lintelek fitness tracker


Lintelek’s tracker gives you all the basics in a smart-looking package for a very reasonable outlay, making it a solid choice for first-timers.

There’s tracking for daily activity, such as steps and calorie burn, while the heart rate monitor can also be called into action for dedicated workouts (with 14 different modes to pick between) and sleep monitoring.

There’s also notification support for texts, calls, and other apps, with battery life stretching to around five days.

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Yamay fitness tracker


Yamay’s offering is another great example of sneaking fitness tracking into a smartwatch’s form – again, for a superb, entry-level price.

It doesn’t skimp on the features, either, with both activity and workout tracking, sleep monitoring and support for smartphone notifications. 

Data can be viewed on the tracker’s screen or from within the VeryFitPro app, with battery life providing around a week of use before a recharge is necessary.

For those concerned with how it looks on the wrist, there are also seven different finishes to pick between.

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