Apple HomePod mini new colours now available in UK


(Pocket-lint) – Apple announced three new colours for its HomePod mini during its Unleashed event in October and now those three colours are available to buy in the UK.

The new colours – which comprise Yellow, Blue and Orange – have already been available to buy in the US, but it wasn’t known when they would be going on sale this side of the pond.


They join the White and Space Grey colour options but rather than the colour finish just applying to the mesh exterior, it extends to the base of the HomePod mini speaker, volume icons and there is a tinted woven power cable too. The touch surface on the top also features hints of the respective colour.

Aside from the colour upgrade, the HomePod mini speaker offers the same functionality as previously, as well as the same sound architecture. You can ask Siri to send a message or WhatsApp hands free for example, or ask it to play your favourite music.

It’s also possible to pair two HomePod mini speakers up to create a stereo pair, or use them as multi-room speakers, and Siri can also schedule smarthome commands, so you can tell it at lunch time to turn your Apple HomeKit compatible lights off at 8:30PM, for example. 

Other features include enhanced proximity functionality, where users can bring a U1-enabled iPhone close to the HomePod mini to hand off music, or get personlised listening suggestions. 

The Apple HomePod mini speaker is available to buy in five options for £99 in the UK and $99 in the US. If you’re after a little pop of colour in your home, that can also deliver on the sound front, it’s a great option.

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