Amazon announces new line of smart TVs for US and Canada


(Pocket-lint) – After a brief series of rumours, Amazon today has announced that the company will be selling their own lineup of custom 4K smart TVs made in collaboration with Pioneer and Toshiba featuring built-in Alexa and Fire TV software. 

The television sets will initially only come from Pioneer in rather small 43 inch and 50 inch sizes, however, a more premium line of Amazon TVs produced by Toshiba slated for launch in mid-2022 should arrive in more standard 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch offerings. 

Interestingly enough, the partnership to manufacture and sell these televisions seems to have been made in conjunction with North American retailer Best Buy, whom Amazon is saying will both be selling the same models in addition to being an official ‘pick-up’ spot for customers who’d prefer to head into a store and take their new television home themselves. 

Usually, Amazon doesn’t make such collaborations with retail outlets, rather instead insisting users pick up their packages from a local designated Amazon Locker if they’d prefer not to have an item shipped to their home for one reason or another. 


As per specs, Amazon isn’t saying too much, which leads us to believe these ultra-budget sets won’t blow the world away in picture quality or sound performance. Though that doesn’t mean these models won’t bring anything to the table, as Amazon proudly boasts all these units come with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. 

While the lower-end Pioneer model will use a microphone’d Alexa-enabled remote, the more luxurious Toshiba model coming next year will offer far-field voice recognition tech, meaning Alexa will be able to hear your voice in a crowded living room from up to ten metres away. Those models will also come with motion processing and local dimming for better contrast when viewing HDR content. 

In terms of pricing, the cost of the Toshiba model is unknown, but the 43 inch Pioneer model is already available to order for $369. 

Check out the full press release from Amazon right here. 

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