Active noise cancelling is here to stay, says EPOS


(Pocket-lint) – There were a few raised eyebrows in 2019 when Sennheiser Communications became EPOS – a new brand to develop enterprise and gaming headsets and headphones. Surely a new name would be harder to establish?

However, in a relatively short time, it has created many audio products and accessories across multiple price points, which have all been embraced by gamers and businesses alike. Now EPOS is a known entity and it has a reputation for quality.

Active noise cancellation, on the other hand, does not. It is often frowned upon by audiophiles who prefer their music, movies and games effects to be presented as clean and untouched as possible.

They will have to get used to it though, as it’s not going away any time soon – if ever.

While there is likely to be some form of digital massaging of an audio source when listened to through ANC-laden headphones, the benefits can far outweigh any caveats: “Active noise cancelling is definitely something that will unload your brain,” we were told by EPOS’ director of technology, Torben Christiansen.

“If you are not disturbed by noises, your focus is much easier. That means your brain has to work less hard.”

That, therefore, is of particular aid when it comes to immersion in a game or when listening to callers on a switchboard.

Christiansen spoke to us for the Pocket-lint Podcast episode 95 – which you can listen to here – and he added some interesting insights on true wireless earbuds too.

EPOS ranges its own TWS earphones for gaming use – the GTW 270 and GTW 270 Hybrid. The latter are compatible with most devices, including the Nintendo Switch, thanks to an included dongle, so are ideal for travel and portable play.

But, where they can differ to other brand true wireless in-ears, such as AirPods and Galaxy Buds, is that they are designed to be worn for longer periods of time. After all, they are primarily for lengthy gameplay sessions, not just short commutes.


This presents a specific kind of problem that EPOS doesn’t think is considered enough by consumers: “You go to the shop and you put some true wireless earbuds into your ears and say, ‘Yeah, they’re pretty good.’ But comfort is about hours,” he explained.

“In some of our tests, even just wearing them for 15 minutes, it hurts. That’s an area we do a lot of research.”

So, when you are next in the market for some earbuds of the wireless kind, consider what you plan to do with them, and think how they’ll feel after a longer period of use.

Oh, and look to see if they have ANC or not. After all, it’s here to stay.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.

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