30 hilariously terrible life hacks that we wouldn’t recommend u


(Pocket-lint) – Life hacks are great, aren’t they? Simple tricks designed to make your life that little bit easier. These ones aren’t like that at all though. This is instead, a collection of hilariously daft, sometimes dangerous, often interesting “hacks” that people have used to deal with problems. 

We’d recommend not trying these at home. 

Forget dent repair

Accidentally crashed your car or had someone ding it? Not got the money for expensive paintwork repairs or dent removal?

Worry not, simply pop a comedy sticker over the top. Now it’s a feature rather than a problem. 

DIY air coniditioning

Air conditioning in your car broken? Or just driving an older model that doesn’t have AC? Why not simply install a full-blown system usually intended for buildings. Perfectly safe and secure surely?

Bike controller

Need a new handlebar for your bike? Why not jazz your life up a bit by using a video game controller instead. Turn every ride into a gaming experience.

Of course, you might also be living life a bit more dangerously without the brakes, but at least riding will be more thrilling. 

Fresh air

Room smelly a bit funky? Fancy some fresh air but don’t like opening windows? Why not strap some car air fresheners to a fan and blow some scent around your room. 

Wipers are expensive

New wipers are expensive, why not simply reuse household objects instead?

Surely an old oven glove is just as capable of keeping your window clear and it’s more absorbent too. 

DIY lights

When your kids grow out of their toys, don’t just throw them away. They could be repurposed into other things. 

This doll’s head, for example, makes a perfect nightlight. 

Make eggs delicious

If you’re trying to get fit and gain muscle, eggs are a great addition to your diet. But if you don’t like the taste, you can always try adding cocoa powder, butter and flour, then baking it all for 30 mins to create something tastier. 

Make shift whisk

Not a fan of whisking by hand? Don’t have access to an electric whisk for your baking? No problem, just use a drill instead. Perfectly safe, nothing could possibly go wrong. 

Printed headlight

This person has lost the headlight in their car, presumably due to an accident judging by the state of the front end. 

Rather than getting a replacement, they’ve simply printed out a picture of one. We’re not sure this is road legal, but at least it’s visually passable. 

Makeshift showerhead

If your shower head is clogged up with limescale and just not flowing nicely anymore, why not just poke some holes in a soda bottle and use that instead. Perfectly good waterflow. 

Hedge trimmer

Has your hedge got a bit bushy but you don’t have a trimmer long enough to reach the top? Then here’s a solution. All you need is a crane, a ride-on mower and trust that you won’t fall to your death. 

Here’s Johnny

This clever bod has proven that not all problems need to be fixed. Yes, they could have repaired the hole in this door, but it’s much more amusing this way and a good talking point for any visitors who pop over. 

Testing for leaks

If you can smell gas, don’t bother calling the gas company to come and check, just light a match instead. 

Obviously a terrible life hack, but it would work. 

Drown out the problems

Is your car making some horrific noises? Have you not got the money or time to go to the garage and get it checked? No problem, just crank up the car radio to down out the sound. If you can’t hear the problem, it doesn’t exist right?

Magnify your phone screen

Having trouble seeing your phone screen or reading the tiny words on it? Just pop it in a glass of water – the liquid will magnify what you’re looking at and make it easier to read. 

R for racing

In a hurry? Get an extra boost when driving by shifting a manual car from 5th gear into “R” for racing mode. 

Avoid parking tickets

You can’t get a parking ticket if you put your wipers up like this as the parking wardens will have nowhere to stick the fine. 

Parking spot

Can’t find a parking spot? Not to worry, just activate this special button on your car. It will make you immune to all traffic laws and able to park wherever you want without danger of repercussion. 

Streamline your morning

Why not streamline your mornings by spreading toothpaste on your toast. Eat breakfast and brush your teeth at the same time. And people say you’re not good at multitasking. 

Speed up your PC

Is your PC running a bit slow? Try adding a spoiler to it. It’ll help make it more aerodynamic and thereby run faster.

Also, set the RGB lights to blue as that’ll help it run cooler and get you more FPS. 

Up your running game

Up your running game by swapping your treadmill’s belt for some large sandpaper. This will not only help with your grip, but if you run barefoot it’ll also help remove pesky calluses. 

Cut your balls in half

If you cut your tennis balls in half you’ll be able to easily increase how many you can store in a given space. Easy. 

Multi-functional charger

Do you find that your laptop charger gets a bit hot when plugged in? Why not put it to good use and heat up your food as well at the same time. 

Avoid burglary

You might have heard that if you leave the boxes for expensive household appliances (like a fancy new TV) outside your house on bin day you’re risking being burgled. 

Avert this risk by simply putting your rubbish outside your neighbour’s house instead. Problem solved. 

Use phones while cooking rice

Have you made a mistake while cooking and used too much water? Not a problem, drop your phones in there to absorb the excess water and your meal will be saved. 

How to lose friends and influence people

Fed up with having friends? Need a way to lose some without actually being rude to them? Just buy them a really weird gift and keep doing that until they get the hint. 

Waterproof your phone

Waterproof your phone by simply wrapping it in plastic wrap. Now you no longer have to worry about dropping it in the bath while you’re surfing the web. Plus it’s a custom look not many others will dare to rock. 

Cook pasta easily

Cooking is such a pain, isn’t it? With this tip, you can make it much easier to cook pasta. All you need to do is pop some water and pasta into your toaster and let it do the work. 

What could go wrong?

Wash your motherboard

Finding your PC is running a bit slow? No problem just take it out and give it a good wash. Once it’s dust-free it’ll run much faster. 

Use your seat belt to open beer bottles

Just picked up some beers from your local supermarket? Not got an opener to hand? No problem just use your seat belt. Never go thirsty while driving again. 

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